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Not That Simple

For Simple Replenishing Rich Moisturizer

What it is: A rich moisturizer for sensitive skin that lasts twelve hours.

Ingredients: ? Doesn’t say on the bottle.

How it feels/smells/looks: This does not have any scent in it that I can detect. The lotion is thin and a bit watery, but feels rich when patted into the skin.

Why I like it: I love that it is made with sensitive skin in mind with no added fragrance or dyes. I used this during the winter and it did a great job of keeping my skin hydrated. I would have repurchased it, if I had not bought the Cetaphil. I love the Cetaphil one even more than Simple, because the moisturizer is even more hydrating without making the skin greasy and it also contains SPF 15. After a few minutes, your skin is left mostly matte which is simply amazing. I still really enjoyed this Simple moisturizer, but Cetaphil is just way better in my opinion. That being said, Simple can be used night and day, whereas the Cetaphil one can be used during the day since SPF can clog pores if left on overnight and why would you need SPF overnight anyways? I recommend both of these products.

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