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That’s More Like It

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Here is my April Birchbox unboxing! I hope you enjoy it. The ending got cut off a tiny bit, but it was only a few seconds so I forgive Youtube. I got my box late this month. Did anyone else get it later than usual? I also wanted to let you guys know that on Tuesday I will be donating 14 inches of my hair to Panteene Beautiful Lengths, which makes wigs and donates them to cancer patients. I really wanted to get an asymmetrical angled lob for a long time and it seems like the right time to get something I’ve really wanted and to give something back to someone having a rough time in their life. I will miss my butt kissing length, but I know someone else will love it dearly. It’s time to embrace change and give a hand. That’s my motto this year.

With Love,



30 thoughts on “That’s More Like It”

  1. that’s a great thing to do, on donating your hair! sounds like a great cause. about Birchbox, I don’t know if mine was later, but I did only just get it the other day.

    1. The pink stain is so cute! My dad says go for it. He says it’ll always grow back and giving it away to a good cause is a noble thing to do. I think strongly saying donation has got him to accept short. I’m thinking Lucy Hale short.

      1. That will be fun! But hair definitely grows back. I cut off 3 inches a month ago and I think most of it is back already. But it’s definitely good to donate it.

      2. It is good and I get a new do out of it. My hairdresser is also giving me 10% off because I’m donating my hair. So a good deal as well. I told him and he was like ten off the bill then.

      3. Great! My car has been fun and I’ve been looking at pictures of bobs. I have an apt on Tuesday @ 5:15pm. I’m also looking for eyebrow inspiration. lol. How’s your weekend?

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