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I’m Loving It

For Schick Hydro Silk TrimStyle Razor*


What it is: A razor that also has a trimmer on the other end for your bikini line and other…areas.

Key Ingredients: Plastic, batteries, and aloe

How it smells/feels/looks: It has no scent at all, not that I thought there would be one. It is actually a pretty cool looking razor and it has a raised bump on the underside that props the razor head up, so it doesn’t sit on your counter. It saves the moisturizing strip on the razor head, which is a nice design. It is also pretty thick, so I can get a good grip on the razor without the fear of skinning myself alive.

Why I like it: This has given me the best shave of my life, no lie. I’ve never been a shaving type of girl. I was always Nairing or waxing. In my youth, there was a Nair-like cream that you could get in fun scents like Strawberry Daiquiri or Margarita. I’ve always just used disposables for maintenance between my weekly wax/Nair. I’ve always gotten nicks and it always took too much time. It was too much of a chore. It’s different with this razor though. Shaving is so smooth and effortless with ZERO nicks/cuts. I couldn’t believe it and my legs were REALLY hairy btw. It didn’t clog the razor or dull it down at all. I absolutely love it. The moisturizing stick part leave a sticky goeyness that moisturizes the blades, keeping them clear and lubricated. I clear my razor off after each stroke, because of the goo. It wasn’t an issue though, because it made my legs extremely soft and smooth. I will be buying more heads with an included 4 USD coupon. This is really worth the splurge.

On a side note, if anyone is interested in NatureBox let me know. I have a coupon code/link and it would mean the world to me, if you used it. Also, I just ordered Dominios and they have a sale, two large pizzas for 5.99 each until May 2. You save 18 dollars, at least that’s what my receipt said. I’m ust waiting for my dad to come back with it.. So hungry! HANGRY! lol Also, I still don’t feel quite well. It took me two hours to write this post and it should really have only taken me a half hour. I hate being sick. Take care guys!

I received this product for free, complements of BzzAgent

With Love,


8 thoughts on “I’m Loving It”

  1. that’s cool you liked this razor combo thing. I have tried Nair but it was a while ago. maybe they made it more gentle now? all I know is it would be ok at first, but the last 5 min or so it had to be on, my skin would be itching like crazy. no damage though, just uncomfortable. waxing, oh I tried that once and too painful for me and created red dots all over! I have some older Venus razor I use for now. then another one I got free once I use all the refills I already have for the Venus. Though I like the Venus, not too bad on getting cut. I think the Bic razors I’ve tried were the worst for getting cut up. I have better luck with Gilette stuff. Not sure if I’ve tried Schick ones or not.

    1. They have changed the formula of Nair. I used to be SUPER sensitive to it, but now, it doesn’t affect me at all. I love using it, but I have to take a break from it for health reasons. I’m happy I finally found a razor that works! The trimmer isn’t bad either. No pulling or tugging, which is nice.

      1. that’s good to know. I’ll look though may just continue shaving with razors. as I recall, Nair takes some time? and then I wasn’t sure what to do, just stand around since it was all up my legs and could not sit?

      2. I usually read for 8 minutes and then use my showerhead to rinse it off. Then, I use the plastic spatula that comes with it to take of the hair without rubbing.

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