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Greeting From Maine

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Last week, my dad thought some fresh air might do me some good, so we went to Maine on Sunday for the day. It was amazing, but cold. We had local fish and chips that was simply amazing. I wish I took pictures of the meal. Not a lot of chips, but a HUGE chunk of beer battered fresh haddock. I didn’t take much pictures, because I was simply enjoying the day. We did a lot of walking and the dogs absolutely loved it. I did feel loads better that day, but it isn’t an easy fix for what ails me. It was great to get out and have some fun. It was ten dollars in tolls to get there but well worth it. We got to Maine at 7 am and left around 2. I am so glad that my dad surprised me with it at 3 o’clock in the morning. Enjoy!

Maine 001Maine 002Maine 003Maine 004Maine 005Maine 006Maine 007Maine 008Maine 009Maine 010

Like my new haircut?

With Love,



90 thoughts on “Greeting From Maine”

  1. oh looks pretty. I was in maine once, when I was around 8, remember it was chilly though it was summer. but a nice place! love your haircut! cute dog too!

    1. Lol. Thanks! The photos aren’t that flattering. I need to take better ones for the internet. lol. I find there is a difference between family photos (natural) vs internet (contrived). This was def a family photo.

    1. I did thank you. Yup! It’s the new beaut. I need to take some pictures of it. MAybe Ill do it today, but most likely next week and you’ll see my car by then. Lol. Yay! My dad wasn’t too sure while it was getting cut, but he did end up liking it. Lol. I still need to mail my pony tail in. Lol. I haven’t felt up to it yet.

      1. No, you have to mail it. I still need to mail the book from the giveaway. I feel so terrible, but I haven’t been feeling well. I am sending it out Friday though, since I’ll be next to the post office then. My dad kept on forgetting to go into the post office to weigh it. He kept just poping it into the box and it kept on getting returned to me for postage. lol

      2. I hope you’re feeling better soon. That’s funny though. Going to the post office is such a hassle, it’s so much easier to just put stamps on things and send them on their way

      3. I demanded to come straight home and laid in bed all afternoon, watched a dad at night. If that’s you’re idea of a party then yes. Lol. I think we’re probably going to have an actual party but it won’t be for a few weeks at least.

      4. Lol. Okay. I’m writing two blog posts today. I’m also writing a post about being 9 weeks and three days. My apt on Friday was an hour and twenty minutes!

      5. It went good. I had to go through both family histories and talk about how I was doing. There was a talk about food and about no painting my nails for three to four more weeks. What shots I need to get and when. My next apt is on the 2nd and my ultrasound is on the 12th. I get blood work done at my next visit. They tested my pee for urinary infection, preclampsia, and diabetes.

      6. That is good. Hopefully things continue to go (relatively) smoothly, though I know you haven’t been feeling spectacular. I imagine most people probably don’t.

      7. Lol. I’m writing about it write now. I hope so too. I found gummy vitamins that are delicious and at least I only start to feel crappy at 5 -6 oclock.

      8. Yes! The only thing is that my due date is Dec 19th and the holidays tend to be the busiest time at work. I’m only taking 2 months off, since they will only pay me 75% of my salary for 8 weeks. I technically get 9, but that week I have to use PTO.

      9. I wouldn’t worry about how busy it would be at work at that point, that’s still far away. I’m sure other people have been in similar situations and your coworkers have managed. You just have to worry about yourself and your baby. They should really give you more time off. I know different places have different rules for such things, but it’s ridiculous that you only get 75%. Better than nothing though. And at least since it’s around Christmas you’ll probably get a bonus around the same time.

      10. Ok! I’m not sure when I would mention it but if they ask how you are I will. My parents are super catholic as you know, but they love babies. A lot.

      11. Lol. If it comes up naturally you know or you know, the next time I see them and my stomach is the size of Mt. Washington. Hey, I guess I’ll be the bad influence. lol

      12. It’s hardly like that anymore! We’re grown women, not little teenage girls. My mom had had my brother and me when she was 23, so passing judgement would be horrendously hypocritical on their behalf.

      13. Not really. I mean, my older brother Josh hasn’t called or visited for the past three years or so and that was before I moved. He is engaged or married by now with a little girl from a previous relationship. He loves her like she was his. My brother Adam Facebooked me early this year asking why I stole mom’s furniture, which the two pieces that we took, my dad had the receipts for and it was bought with his inheritance money. I haven’t talked to him since. Plus, he likes to tattle on everything I say and do and I don’t want my mother knowing anything about me. MY youngest brother hasn’t done anything. He knows how to reach me if he wanted to. It’s all for the best I guess. We were never really that close, except for my younger brother but as long as he is under her influence, I don’t think he will ever speak to me again. It’s a bit sad really. THe great thing about a baby? A built in family. lol

      14. That is sad. Especially your little brother, who you helped take care of for all those years. Hopefully as he gets older he will be more appreciative and make an effort to contact you. He stills relatively young and it’s easy to be swayed in a certain direction when all you’re hearing are negative things about a person.

      15. I’m sure he eventually will. It may take a while but once college / life outside of high school becomes a real concept he will probably realize it was in his best interest.

      16. For sure. It is only an hour until lunch and I am ravenous! I am going to be having meatless grape leaves, feta cheese, grapes, and nonsalted crackers. And pickles! If my dad remembered that added request.

      17. I do, plus it has almost nothing in it. The flavor i am having is Cranberry and Clementine, which was a winter flavor but I stocked up on all of those and will be all set on that for a while. It’s really good.

      18. At home, I have raspberry lime and lemon lime. Raspberry lime has to be my favorite. Market Basket only stocks the regular flavors in the can and the limited edition in the 2 liters.

      19. Now, I want some. lol. I have been covering the payment window all day since she called out and I need to go to the bathroom. I just have to wait one more hour. I would have someone cover me, but I don’t like people timing how long it takes me in the bathroom.

      20. Was it you who was telling me that some crazy ass co-worker of yours times how long you’ve been in the bathroom and how many times you go? It must have been. I would just go. Girl sounds weird.

      21. Yes! And she doesn’t like me very much. I’m telling my boss tomorrow that I’m pregnant but that I plan on returning to work and all that mumbo jumbo. I need to take some time off for two days. One of those days someone else took the whole day off. I just want to take off for the last 2 and a half hours to get my ultrasound. I might have to reschedule it though. I’ll see what she says tomorrow.

      22. Yeah, cause I’m a real pain. lol. I still have nine pto days that I have not scheduled, so I can just take PTO time for appointments instead of whole days…unless I want to.

      23. Yes, because no more vacation time would be sad. I like having a lot of three day weekends. They make the week go by faster. I still have an hour of work left today. Then, I am going home, eating, shower, and probably go to bed early. I could take a nap right now. I’ve been going to bed at 9 because I have been so tired. I was almost falling asleep on your couch!

      24. Lol, I’m always almost passing out on my couch. But if I ever actually try I can’t get comfortable. I need extra sleep but I’ve joined the zombie race instead. I’m lucky if I’m in bed by midnight but id like to be by 10:30 or 11.

      25. I slept for 10 hours! It was very nice. I had my coffee, watched half a movie, had a bagel, fixed up the living room to make myself a desk station on top of the mini fridge, working on two blog posts, then I’m going to write you a letter, decorate next week in my planner, possibly play a game for an hour, have lunch sometime and dinner. What are your plans? Oh, and reading.

      26. I’m working on my second post now: movies. I’m finally gonna write you a letter after this, but I am going to add stuff to my Wishlist on Lush first. So, I know what I want to buy during unboxing after I have the baby. I will be deserving of Lush goodies!

      27. Lol. I love looking at all the lovely Lush things. I’ll probably spend a 100 and get a lot of stuff from Lush, because everything will be on sale.

      28. You would need a really big tub! I usually use about s third of a bubble bar or half a bath bomb. I tried splitting bath bombs into quarters but it didn’t have the same effect at all .

  2. That haircut suits you so well! You look stunning 🙂
    Sometimes a day away from reality can be really good for the soul – I hope you feel better soon though!

    1. Thank you! I really love my new haircut and everyone around me has only had positive things to say. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support.

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