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Eye Of The Tiger

For Garnier Nutritionste Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller

eye cream

What It Is: A rollerball that depuffs and moisturizes the under eye area.

Key Ingredients: Was probably on the box, but I probably threw it out.

How It Feels/Smells/Looks: This product is unscented, which is great for the under eye area, since it tends to be sensitive to everything that go nears there. The metal ball is instantly cooling on the skin and the formula seems moisturizing enough for day use since it is a gel. It is not the most moisturizing though, not by a long shot.

Why I Like It: I enjoy using this, because my eyes tend to be puffy first thing in the morning from sleep. This is relaxing and I see instant results. This is a type of product that I would repurchase, but I want to try a more moisturizing formula. I will probably buy the one from Soap & Glory. I am a bit gun shy at the price of 25 USD. That is a lot to spend, but the Garnier did last me a year. It is something that I would consider, but I’m not going to run out to replace it. I looked in at the drug store and I couldn’t find this one. They had other for 9 to 18 USD, which is crazy for the drug store. I wonder if they still sell this one.

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15 thoughts on “Eye Of The Tiger”

      1. I don’t like their brand of vitamins though. I stick with the brand name like Nature Made. I mean, the brand name is only two dollars more than the equate. I bought the Equate in the gummy prenatal and they are hard instead of soft and chewy like the Nature Made ones. I’m almost done though, so Yay!

      2. I tried Equate ibuprofen and felt it did not work at all for headaches, etc. like a sugar pill or something, so I agree I’d avoid any other pill type stuff from them. that’s odd gummies would be hard. that’s the opposite of what a gummy is!

      3. EXACTLY! It was like stale gummies that were exposed to the air for a while. So, when they are made they must get exposed to a lot of air before being vacuum sealed.

      4. YESH! It would be nice if it was on the market for more than a year like hello. I know they reformulated, but now it is twice as expensive.

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