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May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favorites

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Another month of favorites has come to pass and I have decided on yet a different way to approach posting it. This month, I am going to do a bullet point list and be really brief. It’s only noon, but I’m already tired. I plan on getting some reading in and a bit of writing, possibly working on that book review that I was supposed to have this week. I’m getting really into planner decorating and will be doing a sticker haul in the coming weeks from Esty. I am also buying an uncustomized Erin Condrin planner that I have been wanting forever. That style seems to suit me better than the filofax. I am find planner decorating soothing, de-stressing, and gives me a sense of direction. Once the baby is here, I will have even more things to put in my planner and it’ll be a way to have “me” time.

  • Being Pregnant. Yes, sometimes I hate it, but it’s a beautiful thing.
  • My belly popped out this week. I now sport a noticeable baby bump and let me tell you, it was painful.
  • My Birthday! Another year wiser.
  • FOOD! My one and only obsession now.
  • Visiting my Bestest Friend Ever Who Loves Me No Matter What!

Those are my favorites for this month and I’m sure I’ll have tons to tell in no time at all. Until then, peace out!

With Love,



12 thoughts on “May The Odds Ever Be In Your Favorites”

  1. Did you ever find your Filofax? I ordered mine for next year but it doesn’t ship til Mid June. You will have to share pics when you get your new one! And we should try to get together some weekend during June. Maybe I can even get a car for the day!

    1. Lol. Yes! Definitely in June. June 19th might be available for me and any Sat or Sun except June 20th. I did find my filofax but I like it more for blogging. Not so much as a planner. Are you getting an Erin or a filo?

      1. Neither. I got a Lilly Pulitzer one in the biggest size. I’m going to take lots of pics when I get it. I could probably do something next weekend or the weekend after, like the 13th? I will have to double check.

      2. $34, and it goes from August this year through December 2016. It is “Jumbo,” which is why it cost that much. They have smaller cheaper ones but I wanted one with sail boats on it. Lol. I just checked, and unless something comes up the 13th would be fine. We could go shopping if you wanted! Or anything else, I don’t have anything in mind right this second.

      3. We will figure it out. YAY! I am so planner obsessed now. I want to have a keepsake planner for every year. I also bought a nine months pregnancy journal from amazon.

      4. They’re a more fun way of keeping track of appointments and life things. I always used to figure I wouldn’t get much use out of one because I was either spending all my time in school or doing school, but there are so many things to keep track of and it makes it easier to do so. And you will have to get a baby book for when the time comes! My mother has one for each of us filled with weird things.

      5. Well I guess not weird, hospital bracelets and things. Embarassing, but I just confused my own life with an episode of full house, because I remember Danny showing Michelle her baby book and there was an empty ointment bottle in it. And for some reason I thought my mom did this. She didn’t.

      6. I haven’t even watched full house in years, actually. It was just a favorite amongst my family. Once I started getting tired of the show Bethany became obsessed with it and watched the entire series repeatedly. My parents saw it as it was airing and are beyond sick of it now.

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