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Guilty Confession & Contest!

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

As the title of this post suggests, I have a confession to make. I, Selena Hannah, have just purchased the new 18 month Erin Condren Ready-to-Ship Life Planner for 55 USD, which included 10 USD shipping (3 to 5 days). I really want it quick, so I chose a more expensive option. I bought it within the first 15 minutes of it launching and it will be shipped out to me on the 11th, which is the earliest date. Who else stalked the website to be one of the firsts? I used a 10 USD off referral link to pay for the shipping. I didn’t add anything extra to my order, because it made the shipping lag by TWO WEEKS! TWO WEEKS?! Yeah, that’s what I thought. Since I will be receiving a free coupon for a personalized cover, I thought that I would wait to buy the dashboard, personalized stickers, do it all dots, and the sticker book. I also heard that you receive another 10 USD off coupon with your first order, so I probably will split the orders into two, if that saves me any money. As long as it doesn’t cost me extra, I will do it, because the more orders you make, the more Erin Condren will send you coupons. I know that your 5th order will give you 25 USD off.

Anyways, I am SUPER excited about my new planner and I will do an unboxing as soon as I get my hands on it. I will be doing a planner series on my blog, where I will show you my weekly spreads, stickers, and more. I am also having a monthly planner decorating contest, if there is enough on an interest in it. Each month will have one week were you guys, my viewers get to choose a theme for the stickers and spread for that chosen week.

So, this contest will run until Jun 23rd. You can enter by posting a comment choosing a theme. The prize for this contest is a post swap, where I will host you on my blog and you will host me on yours (if you have one). You have until May 30th to leave a comment on the post where I announce the winner (or contact me via email) and if you fail to do so within the time frame, I will assume that you will forfeit the prize of the exchanged blog posts. The prize will become null and void.

If you any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me and Good Luck!

With Love,



68 thoughts on “Guilty Confession & Contest!”

      1. Let me know which ones you will be selling. I love quite a few of your purses and then you wouldn’t have to worry about shipping one of them. And I want to buy one for sure!

      2. I have pictures of my baby!! She was so cute. She was kicking and jumping and at the end she turned upside down. I can count 5 glorious toes. She’s perfect.

      3. That reminds me of the movie riding in cars with boys, where Drew barrymores character gets pregnant in high school and she’s convinced it’s a girl (it takes place in the 60s so she doesn’t actually know,) but she delivers the baby and the doctors tell her it’s a boy and she starts crying because she wanted a girl. I think it’s on Netflix.

      4. I watched it with Beth a year or two ago, and a lot of my college friends had to watch it in parenting classes in high school. Probably too risqué for AHF though.

      5. I don’t owe them anything. If anything, the only reason I am who I am now is because of the circumstances life has thrown at me and the various experiences I’ve had in college. Neither of us are the same people we were in high school. You’re having a baby and I’m heavily thinking about graduate school. Do you think anyone would have expected that from either of us? They’d be shocked!

      6. Totally. You turned out the way they thought I would and I am the one who actually dropped out of college. lol. It’s funny how life turns out if you really think about it. I’m seriously considering taking a course online and getting the certificate for it. I’m sure a college would give me credit for it and if not, at least I’m practicing for the real thing when I actually enroll next fall and take an online course.

      7. Yes! Apparently it was thought I wouldn’t last very long. HA! You should see how much it would be to have an associates at the least. It would certainly be harder in a few months but plenty of women do it, and so can you! You had a decent amount of credits to begin with. But you will get one. If anyone can do it, you can!!

      8. I did three years, so it might not take very much for an Associates, but I am going to finish my two Bachelors first. My work will cover an associate or Bachelors degree, so I might take a business associates degree. Thank you! One can do anything if you put your mind to it.

      9. I think associates is much less than bachelors, but since you’ve already done most of the work for a bachelors I can see why you would rather finish those.

      10. And my work will pay for a business degree, so that one will just be for fun. lol. Hopefully, it’ll earn me a raise for having a couple of degrees and I’ll find a nicer place. I’m hoping that when I do my taxes, I will get enough back to put a down payment on a house. Since I will be claiming a dependent, it lowers my earned income by 3 thousand dollars, so I might get roughly 3 grand back from them taking 3 grand too many in taxes. Between the security and first month, I can put 5 grand down on a house and that is the minimum to get a loan for a house up to 100,000. So, hopefully, this works out for me!

      1. If I had the money, I would have gotten the rose gold. Did you personalize a cover? Apparently I was one of the first 10 people who ordered which is why mine already shipped. Lol. I would be really good at Black Friday Shopping. I think I’m going to go with the silver edition cover, not sure yet.

  1. ok I have to confess I feel out of the loop as don’t know what this is. !! though thanks I know now (googled too for more info). This is not the type of thing I would use personally but seems cool overall for those who want/need this. Oh hey, book didn’t arrive, not a big deal AT all but just want to let you know. I’ve had media mail stuff disappear into the abyss before. (regarding the giveaway from a long long time ago). Also doesn’t mean it won’t arrive at some point. Media mail is just well. Ok but some fails.

    1. Oh! Well, I still have hope. Let me know and if not, Ill send a consolation prize. 🙂 Yeah. I really need a planner like this that can be a scrapbook/planner. I’m getting very forgetful because of the baby. I also just popped at 13 weeks. So excited!

      1. well for books media mail I mean I have received the funny empty package marked by usps as “damaged” kinda lol I mean a book in a wrapper and it get all mangled. oh well. could just be delayed or misdelivered. my neighbors, some are good some are not

      2. Awe. But I want to. I’m just gonna give it two more weeks, because I know that sometimes they get damaged in shipping and then get repacked. It happened to me once before. They usually notify the sender though that there will be delays. Hopefully, it that is what happened they will contact me soon.

      3. Yes, media mail (I’ve sent/received many) can sometimes take a strangely long time. Or I may get the book in that plastic they do with the note “damaged” even though the book is fine, its just the usps machines ate the wrapper! lol.

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