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Meet Lemon or Dean

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

It is no surprise to you guys that I am 12 weeks and 5 days pregnant. I thought that I would share the baby names that I have chosen if the baby is a girl or boy. If it is a girl, her name will be Lemon May, because I fell in love with the name in the tv series The Hart of Dixie. I think it is so cute, sweet, and unique. I just love it and I am really hoping for a girl. If it is a boy, I will name him Dean, because that is a real strong boys name and it’s the only name that I really like that is also unique. I’m finally feeling like my old self again and I actually enjoy blogging again. I hope it shows!

Without further ado, meet Lemon May or Dean Michael.


Perfect little toes
Perfect little toes

With Love,


70 thoughts on “Meet Lemon or Dean”

    1. Yes, she’s all stretched out. She was moving, kicking, and jumping around during the ultrasound. The tech was cooing over the whole thing. It was breath taking. I could believe that she was really inside of me moving around like that. It’s God’s miracle. I’m sure when I’m giving birth I won’t be thinking that. lol

      1. Quite honestly, giving birth sounds like a nightmare, but in the grand scheme of the entire life of a child, think how short it really is! Or you could always plan a c section! Lol.

      2. I think most people who do it without medical reason because they’re concerned with having their bits stretched and affecting their sex lives afterwards, and not necessarily the fear of delivering a baby.

      3. You never know, really. But then again, you don’t really know what’s going to happen at all. Could be a boy or girl, or you could need a c section. (Though I hope not as it’s not ideal for anyone.) Things could change!

      4. All I know is that things will never be the same and I wouldn’t want them to be. Because then, I would be the same and I think I am a better person now than I was a couple of years ago.

      5. It’s the truth though. I think that even though our circumstances are quite different we’ve both had no choice but to grow up a bit and deal with adult things.

      6. It is. It seems a lot of people don’t start using a more adult perspective unless forced to due to whatever circumstances, and even then maybe not. Like so many of my friends party a lot. I cannot afford to act like that!

      7. I know right? Then, the friends I made at Kmart wouldn’t be happy just sitting at home talking and eating pizza and watching a movie. They would want to go out and do something. I’m fine going out and doing things, but not ALL of the time. I’m not made of money. lol

      8. Pretty much! All of my friends would do that because they have before. Maybe they just hate my movies or something. But Kelley and you usually don’t really care what we do, which is good.

      9. Well, I question my other friends taste frequently, so maybe they do the same to me. But I don’t know, maybe they all hate romantic comedies and don’t want to tell me.

      10. We only have one wii remote that works at my house. I don’t know why we never replaced the Broken one. Or threw it out. But they don’t have to hang out with me if they don’t want to, for whatever reason.

      11. They should have more programs that are on when the summer/ winter shoes are off. It would have been a good opportunity to keep my now cancelled faves, like the lying game and Jane by design.

  1. I have missed lots of posts on here (was busy doing some other stuff, hard to catch up on all but will try). Those are nice names. 🙂 I meant to mention this long ago, but let me know if you want me to tell you all the mom type freebies that I know of (many are for new moms). You may already know of them, so don’t want to just give a big list for no reason. Let me know. I typically get them for my sis (who has young kids including a baby, I do not have kids, cannot as am permanently infertile). I just figure, every little bit helps for keeping costs down. Of course I know a fair amount of social work type stuff (my old job) if you get stuck money wise, need that type of help (I mean like WIC, SNAP, etc). Sorry tho if this is not a good thing to comment? I don’t mean to imply anything negative here. I mean well, you know that. And sometimes its hard for me to comment on things to do with babies (for reason I mentioned, the infertility thing hurts, sometimes I just need to not think about kids at all, though do like them)

    1. I’m so sorry. I didn’t know that. I you don’t mind me asking, was it a result of an accident? One of my friends was pregnant as a teenager and almost drowned. When she lost the baby, she also lost her fertility. YES PLEASE! Bring on the freebies. God knows I need it. Money is very tight. My dad recieves SNAP benefits because he is disabled and they give me a great enough amount for us two. I put in about 100 a month in groceries, just routine basic stuff. Apparently, I make too much money for SNAP. I plan on breastfeeding so WIC in my state is useless since it only gives you coupons for free formula. I just got approved for free healthcare after paying for my healthcare for a year. I now have 200 extra in my budget for baby things and emergencies. I didn’t take it bad. We all need help sometimes and it’s nice to know that it’s there.

      1. I do not know why it is like this. no real accidents in my life, besides a bike crash but that wasn’t even that bad. possibly I was just born this way. Or well, too much partying when younger? I don’t know. I didn’t do drugs, just lots drinking in the past. I can’t afford to pay to find out more details, no fertility stuff is covered at all by my insurance. Ok will get a list of the freebies together. hmm, ok well my friend got WIC, I helped her go in and sign up. Its not just formula here at all. Its stuff like milk, cheese, peanut butter, beans, various foods. Its not as nice as SNAP unless they changed it as it was done the outdated way with little papers you got to give to the store clerk (which is annoying, since they could easily put it on a card like they do for SNAP). but WIC could vary state to state. my state, Cali, tends to have more of certain things. less of others. Oh yes, the income limits on SNAP are low. for WIC they are higher. There are also usually discounts around with higher income limits for all the utilities (electric, gas, etc). Can see that stuff online usually. probably varies by location. well breastfeeding is good for lots of reasons but you know: its healthy, more cost effective, prob keeps your period gone longer (ok thats weird but its true), and well, not that this matters but it does pull off the baby weight faster as you are expending energy creating the milk, though you need to eat more calories to support the milk production.

      2. That is a weird fact, but I like it. I hate my period. lol. That’s nice. California sounds like it does WIC better. My heat is included in the rent, so no heat assistance and the line for rent assistance is 10 years long. You basically have to wait until enough people die or make too much money to get assistance. My dad and I have been waiting for housing assistance for 5 years now. I’m going to stop by my local WIC just to make sure I have my information correct. Sometimes, the websites don’t always reflect local offerings.

      3. rent assistance here real long wait too, though (ok my info a bit old, like 5 years ago a coworker told me this for what we call Section 8), it at least a year to wait, and well, not the best locations really. wow though, 5 years! hmm. I’ll look up see if I can find what it is currently here. its long, but not sure its 5 years long. well with WIC, this just my opinion though, you may want to have formula on hand anyhow for emergencies. just in case you cannot pump it, or well, who knows. also, uh, this just my personal and rather odd opinion, formula is mostly glorified dried milk. ok confession: I’ve used some of the free ones for cooking, its totally fine for that. sis doesn’t need much of that, she breastfeeds/pumps, just keeps a little of the powder stuff on hand just in case so I kept some. also my mom fed me “formula” that she made herself as due to medical issues she could not breastfeed me. she also made all her own baby food. if you think on it, silly to pay for something like squished bananas right?. the prices on formula are quite ridiculous. its really just powdered milk with some fortifications like vitamins, added fat and stuff. not kidding on this. probably could find a hippie type link on make your own formula. to me, it quite ridiculous on what they charge for those powders (the ingredients clearly say: dried milk, vitamins, a few random things). unless you get some non dairy one (those are harder to find though). though the new mom thing, companies really try to take advantage I’ve noticed. make you think you need some stuff that you don’t. some things now available are nice, but think back say even 50 years ago? its not like all that stuff is needed. half the stuff a friend got for her baby went unused.

      4. Yeah, I agree. Formula is overrated. I might keep some on hand incase for some reason I cannot breastfeed, which I always just assumed I could. lol. All the baby stuff is ridiculous. All an infant needs is a crib, care seat, changing table(personally I will probably just use my bed), and a bath tub thing that you bath them in that supports the head. They don’t really need toys until they are at least 6 months. I’m also only buying a couple of outfits, because they grow out of them so fast and at home he/she is just going to be in a diaper anyway. I’m into bouncers and simple blocks for baby toys. Childhood should be simple. I remember not having many toys, but I had a bike and would always be outside, playing pretend. Too many children now are losing their childhood to the internet.

      5. true! half the “toys” I played with as a kid weren’t toys. such as when grandma let me play “drums” on her pots and pans with a wooden spoon! and the clothes, they sure grow out of them fast. if you know someone, hand me downs can be useful. though one thing I noticed, if a friend was having a girl, and stated “I don’t need clothes”, well some (a lot) of people got overly excited about the “cuteness” of girl clothes so got her all kinds of clothes as in, they could not stop themselves!

      6. yeah, I can get sucked into the cuteness too! I participate in the ooooh that’s so cute comment fest at the baby showers. though I tend to give very boring but practical gifts to my new mom friends. like baby wipes lol or well whatever they tell me they will use (cloth diapers, disposable ones, little towel things if they are doing their own wipes,). but hey, that stuff gets used for sure!

      7. I think I’ve heard its a bit of a toss up really between the two. When adding it all up. as in all the washing and stuff for the cloth ones and those resources used VS the basic disposal impact for a disposable diaper. Its really a personal choice and I would say whatever you prefer is fine.

      8. oh and about the formula, its just my sis did do breastfeeding (and the pumping thing) but did need formula now and then. I just meant, as a possibility, tho rare. you likely can get all you’ll need free with those links in the freebie post (the companies send a very good sized starter kit)

  2. oh and to explain my situation, since I mentioned that personal thing. I did look into IVF (which doc said was the only way but no guarantee it works either) and it costs at least $20K which I don’t have. Mom said she’d help but don’t want her to pay a bunch for something that may not work anyhow. And yes, adoption is possible. Need to research that more. There’s a lot of options, some adoption options are also money intense though for that, a bit more worth it, as its not like it depends on my body. Though there are the foster care agencies too. I would be very closely supervised though, many home visits, not quite ready to be that “watched” you know? Its not that there is anything bad to see here, but its a bit odd feeling to me as I was the social worker in the past, I was the “watcher” and “evaluator”, I’m not quite ready yet to be on the other side. Hope that makes sense.

    1. It makes perfect sense. You don’t want to be invaded on, when you are trying to be a mother and aren’t sure how to be. It’s your first time and you just want to do it yourself and not be told that you’re doing this or that wrong. It’s perfectly normal. Adoptions are expensive, but I think they are less costly than IVF. Is there no possible way for another woman to carry the baby? I know that is costly too, but I don’t fully know your situation. Have you ever thought about it? I am going to be limiting my baby posts, not because of you, but with pictures, because I want my baby to be safe and there are crazies out there. I may show a newborn photo though.

      1. oh yeah, you mean like a surrogate. yes, another option. well, I need to think really. lots of options. Oh so glad you feel that way about the baby photos. I get rather concerned with how free people are with posting photos of their children online. in fact, there was something in the news, some kid pic from facebook was posted to some very unfortunate site. you know what I’m talking about, don’t like to even say the word. (its the lowest of the low, the people who do that, the photos of kids, misusing them, or worse). probably newborn may be safe. or you could make it a bit tougher, password protect that post, as then at least the photo won’t show up in google images.

      2. I will definitely do that. I don’t want that to happen. I like to keep my life private for the most part, so very limited personal photos. Well, you are young! You have a lot of time to think about what you really want. And it’s also never too late to change your mind.

      3. 🙂 thanks. I’m a bit older than I act/present/look. though not “old” yet, still got time enough. and also, its not like a quick snap decision of course! do want to really really think, make sure I’m ready, have my personal life together enough to care for any child you know? I mean, there’s lots of options. I do have an extra room (actually 2), I could foster a child of any age. that has its own challenges of course. but is on the list of things in my head thinking about.

      4. It’s better to take on things, when you can handle the responsibility. It’s not like you can really change your mind if you decide otherwise. I also know that the state or government gives you money for fostering a child. Don’t know if they cover the whole cost, but at least it would help your budget.

      5. one more thing, prepping the freebie “list”. gonna take some time, will tag you, or just let you know in a comment when its done, posting it publicly as its just general, could be useful for anyone. I got time though, don’t worry, this helps me have something to do!

      6. oh random, I googled, seems the whole “make your own formula” is questionable, I am not totally sure what my mom did on that actually. the baby food she made for sure but now am curious what she did for formula. she was real upset on not being able to breastfeed me tho.

  3. wow, I’m disorganized. with my thoughts, could have put all I’ve said in one comment! Last thing, meant to say long ago. I am happy for you. I know this was a surprise but its a lovely surprise. You will make a great mom. I also kinda knew, as the sick feeling you mentioned in the past, was exactly what my sis felt with her first pregnancy. the term “morning sickness” is a bit off as for sure it can occur at any time during the day. I think sis felt it randomly like it jumped around. Same for some of my other friends on timing of it. Probably by now you no longer feel that sick feeling though? Well hopefully. Anyways, I think that’s all my thoughts! Congrats on this lovely joyous life you got to create.

    1. Awe! This is the sweetest comment ever! I don’t feel sick overly much anymore and yesterday for the first time, I felt the baby kick at 14 weeks, which 14 to 16 is the usual time to start to feel some activity even if someone else feeling your stomach cannot feel it yet. Thank you. I thought something was really wrong with me for awhile. I love my little baby and I wouldn’t change anything about his/her conception. It’s sad the John decided to leave because it was easier for him. He chose to surrender the best thing that happened to him. Running away from his fear was the best he could do. I feel sad for him really. He’ll never know his child. He decided to get a PHD as a lawyer and moved back to England to study at Harvard. Since his family is from England, that may be the best thing he needs right now. I know I’m never going to see a penny, but he is never going to see a picture either. I don’t feel sad for myself. I got the best breakup gift he could have ever given me.

      1. I recall your post briefly mentioning his bailing on you. its unfortunate, but you are strong so will be OK. technically? hmm actually don’t know. hmm, Harvard has a program in Oxford yes, but Harvard is here in the USA. ok I may be not understanding. my point is, he owes you child support. its up to you though as fighting to get it can be a pain. is he not a USA citizen? not even sure that matters for child support. easy to prove the baby is his with DNA test. I think local health/human services can help facilitate that so that you do not have to pay legal fees on chasing him down. I get mad when fathers don’t want to contribute at all. Its not like I think they all have to pay the full amount, but say, a gesture of good will would be nice, like a small amount per month he could afford you know? well just my opinion. pretty sure you got some rights here.

      2. He’s not a US citizen. I kinda don’t want his help. I don’t want to put him on the birth certificate, because that would give him rights and since his family is more affluent. Okay, he’s family owns vineyards and an ice cream company in America. I’m sure they could take my child away from me, because I’m not well off. I’d rather not bother since my dad is helping me out and I feel like I can do this on my own. In my situation, I’ll leave things be, but it does upset me that he won’t help. He actually signed a document giving up all his parental rights. It was witnessed and a judge signed off on it. It gives you 90 days to challenge it. I’m not going to. This way, I’ll get to keep my baby and he cannot ever come around claiming anything.

      3. that is a good point! usually the courts do side with mothers in custody but you never know if he has tons of money, he could do something like you said. sounds like you did what makes the most sense here. I just don’t know many who have that kind of money.

      4. I don’t either. The rest of my friends live close to the way I do. You live paycheck to paycheck, but you get buy and you never want for anything really. I’m satisfied with my material possessions and I’m fine waiting and saving up for things that I really want.

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