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My Attempt @ Sticker Making

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I am busy planning posts for July and scheduling them to post on certain days. I decided to upload all of my posts at noon time, so you can look forward to weekday noon posts. I’m not sure about the weekend ones. So far, I’m just planning the week ones and using my EC Planner to help me keep track of what days are done and which ones still need to be done. I have already decorated my July monthly spread, but you know it will look different when the month is over. There are always last minute things that you need to add that come up or things that get rescheduled.

Anyways, I decided to attempt to make stickers using my printer, label printing sheets, and free online templates. Here are the results!

Erin 042

My first attempt ended up in black and white, which I actually think is pretty to go along with September’s grey/purple theme.

Erin 043Erin 044

I think that these look so pretty and will go along great with the July blue/red spread, which is a bit more orange than red. These will look great in the weekly spread and I’m so excited to use them! They are so cute!

Erin 045Erin 048

I printed out a sheet for my dogs. They are little flags that say walk the dog, groomers, bath, meds, and other little things. This is great for me to keep track of meds that I need to order and the monthly baths. I am also going to be taking them to the groomers to get their nails done, since I cannot file them myself anymore. It’s not safe even with a mask. You could still inhale particles. So, twenty dollars every two months or so will keep both doggies nails in tiptop shape. That’s including a 6 dollar tip, too! It’s only 7 dollars for a nail trim. Serena could be 5, because she is so small. The second sheet is for things like bills and groceries, reading, keeping track of internet usage, and how many days I spend outside.

I really love the stickers that I made and I will make more as time goes on. I think that I will print monthly stickers that go with the theme like the first two and then print other stickers based on what I do in real life. I can go to Michaels for thee decorate stickers, plus I have a lot of decorative stickers already from my scrap-booking days.

Aren’t they adorable on wash day? They love the warm blankets and sweaters!

Erin 040

With Love,



21 thoughts on “My Attempt @ Sticker Making”

    1. I bought half sheet labels by Avery from Wal-Mart. They ran out of the full sheets, so some of the stickers are cut in half, but that isn’t a big deal. I just have to cut them out then peel off the back. Instant sticker. You can even buy stuff at Michaels to make the paper glossy.

      1. Tis a good idea, so you don’t have to spend much and still find useful things. I go with Kelley all the time because we’re both broke and like finding deals on snacks.

      2. Snacks are my favorite things. I have a McDonalds Fillet O Fish next to me. I got it for free at work and I’m going to give it to my dad, because he loves them.

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