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July At A Glance

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I have been working on my July Monthly Spread in my ECLP and I thought that I would share what it looks like right now. It will probably be a bit more full at the end of the month, because things always tend to come up or you forget things. Since it is early on in the month, I thought I would share the spread and then share the finished one when I show my August at a glance. I worked hard on my spread and I will do my best to tell you everything that I did on the pages.

Erin 051Erin 052

I love the rainbow washi that my friend Danielle gave to me as part of my birthday present. I used it to cancel out the days that are not a part of July. The strips ended up aligning perfectly, which is an added bonus. I used the pink washi on the ends of all of the days in July, because I’m writing what posts upload on my blog for each day. I can see which ones are done and which ones are left to do. This way, my blog doesn’t have to be on my weekly spread for long blogging events. I wrote in things I need to do, bills my dad pays, and my cleaning schedule. Each week, I do a cleaning zone and just do small tasks in each area everyday, except Sunday. I want to try to observe the Lord’s Day.

Erin 053Erin 054

I used the rainbow washi again to cancel out that day in August. I used green washi for pay days and the little day off sticker for getting the day before the Fourth of July as a paid work holiday (which is today!). I like using the Goals section to breakdown my paychecks with what bills need to be paid, then adding a goals section on the bottom. I love how busy looking my planner is. It makes me happy just looking at all the pretty colors. I like the idea of keeping the planner as a scrapbook of sorts. It is aesthetically pleasing to me.

Whoa! Psychedelic colors, man!

With Love,



16 thoughts on “July At A Glance”

    1. Thank you! I’m trying to stay more organized since I’m sure I will be forgetting things as I lose brain cells and some things I just don’t remember anyways. I really love the Erin Condren planner. It was expensive but worth it, especially since other planners weren’t working for me. They were too small.

    1. Lol. Of course! Plus, I really love washi! I do have payday stickers, but I only have like 6 of them and buying green washi is less expensive than custom stickers.

      1. Seriously, stickers can be expensive! I sort of want to order a few sheets Online but idk if I will. I was watching Elle fowlers new video last night and she kept showing mermaid stickers and I wanted them! Lol.

      2. No, it’s like 2 bucks for 40 stickers, plus like 2.50 to ship, so that’s like 4.50 for 40 stickers. I would buy in bulk and get like 250 stickers for 20 including shipping.

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