7 thoughts on “Nail Polish and Beauty Giveaway July 2015”

  1. you may want to delete this (or not). I ended it as in deleted it with no winner. in just a few hours, I got many fake entries. you were the only real one out of many (insulting to me by all the others, do they not think I’ll check?). I have other thoughts too but they are rather negative. Nothing bad on you though, thanks for entering. The reality is you may have won anyhow as by the end of the month, I’m sure I’d only have 2-5 real entries with even more fake ones (fake blogs with no original content is one thing I consider fake, as in all giveaway reblogs, I mean really?) I can send you some or all of the stuff that was in it though. if not, I’ll donate all that stuff or do something like give to my local friends. I’m not doing any giveaways ever again. It gets me too angry and makes me feel disrespected.

  2. if you want the stuff, look in the comment part of the WP admin and email me at the email that shows up there. I check it at least a few times a week, its a good way to contact me.

      1. its done, you did nothing to spoil it. I guess I was unclear. its not on you at all. its other randoms. so, no worries. but I sent some of the stuff to my mom. still have the body shop stuff. idk. oh yeah the book still never got here, but now I consider it lost I guess. though media mail is so odd.

      2. Okay, then I will claim it as aloss to the post office and buy another copy and send it. I insured it for like 1 dollar for 10 dollars, so I could buy the book and send it out again if it got lost.

      3. oh ok. I guess its been over a month? I lost track. well you don’t have to resend it but its up to you. I do completely understand how media mail does get lost now and then.

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