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Holly Golightly

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I recently used up a fourth of my Holly Golightly Bubble Bar from Lush’s Christmas Collection. I have to say that this one is very festive and I would repurchase this one. It has a strong cinnamon scent that I love, the bubbles were overflowing, and the water was a bright green with swirls of silver luster. It was every girl’s fantasy glitter dream (if it was in purple/pink = even better!). It is the only Christmas bar that I’ve tried that has had a scent to it that does not disappear in the bath. It stays strong and you don’t need a candle. A cinnamon candle would just enhance the experience really. I’m not sure if I am buying Lush this year, because most likely, I will forget about it with the new baby and all. So, this year, I am saving up $150 for a new mattress and see if I can find a cheap frame that I like. That is what I am buying myself for Christmas this year: a new Queen sized bed. You all know that currently, I sleep on a stack of twins like the Princess & the Pea.

Holy GoLightlyHolly Go LightlyLushLushLushLushLushLush

Happy Monday!

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12 thoughts on “Holly Golightly”

      1. Okay. My stomach hurts, because it is getting bigger and I can feel the baby moving around. I haven’t eaten much in the past few days. My stomach really is bugging me, but at least, I’m not getting fatter. lol

      2. Aw. Hopefully it will not be as bad as your stomach gets used to it? If that’s possible, considering it will keep stretching as the baby gets bigger.

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