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What’s in my bag?

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

My friend just recently did this post and it inspired me to do one as well. This is just going to be a quick post today of the contents of my bag. A few weeks ago, I streamlined what I kept in it, because it was getting too heavy for me to carry with the baby and all. So, I hope you enjoy this simple version. Also, if you have any ideas for posts, I would appreciate them in a comment below. Next week, I am going to be showing off my small color pop (I think) collection (or my whole nail polish collection since I only have like 20?). Let me know what you want to see next.

My Bag 001

I had to stand up to fit everything in the picture. I have my tote bag from Lucky Magazine, my Erin Condren Life Planner, two snacks, two packets with napkins and wet wipes, a straw, a small baggy with two sample sunscreen bottles, my wallet, my glitter Ipsy bag that I keep my Ipod in, my work badge, and my banking packet where I keep checks and stuff. Well, that is my bag! I hope you enjoyed it and if you posted this before, give me a link below. I’d love to see/read it!

With Love,



25 thoughts on “What’s in my bag?”

  1. You really did downsize! I remember you used to carry quite a bit! Also, how are those Walmart candies? I bought the gummy sharks from Walmart a few weeks ago, and they were quite good. Another also, I was cleaning my closet today and I found a couple of old sweatshirts that you can have if you’d like? I rarely wear them and they may get more use from you, even if you just wear them around your house. They’re both Hanes pullover sweatshirts. One is a ladies medium in hot pink, the other is a men’s medium in neon yellow, which is quite baggy, which you could possibly find convenient since you’re covering two people?

    1. Lol. Yes! I will take your clothes, since I am always cold. lol. They were very good and surprisingly, they were gummies and not hard candies like I thought. Yep, I have normal things in my bag now.

      1. Ok! I will have them set aside for you next time I see you! Try the gummy sharks! They’re really good! I’m probably going to buy another pack soon. You can’t beat the price! I think they’re 98 cents.

      2. They had about 4 other Vera Bradley’s in various sizes! And I will! I’m just going to wash everything, before I take pictures of my haul. I spent like 28 dollars and got 9 things and they only charged me for 6 things. My dad got two pairs of pants basically for free. I think it might have been buy two get one free or some of the tags were 50% off. I don’t know, but I was surprised and happy. The Vera tag was 20 dollars, but they only charged me 9. A total steal. It’s the one in Worcester and it is HUGE!

      3. Yep! It is HUGE! It’s in an old warehouse huge. They have everything from winter coats to summer tops. The guys section is full of business suits and jeans. My dad got a pair of J Crew jeans for 4 dollars. Those are designer jeans that go for like 100. My dad was in disbelieve until we got home and I showed him the prices online. lol Actually, I just found the exact pair he got for 138, so yeah. They have a lot of designer mixed in. You could probably find some really expensive clothes for cheap. I know, I did. I got Maternity Wear from a brand in the mall that went for 50 dollars a piece for 1.99 tops and 3.99 bottoms. You need to look it up and go. It even has a separate furniture store.

      4. I just came back from Destination Maternity and bought three bras and a one year magazine subscription to two mags for 17 dollars. She also gave me two bags of freebies for having to wait a long time at check out. They were on clearance plus having a buy two get one free sale. I will be doing quite a few hauls that will be uploading in the next week or so.

      5. Me, too. And the great thing is, I didn’t actually spend very much. I finally got my 230 refund back and I still have 147 after all that shopping. I’m going to go back for some clothes for my dad and to buy some bookshelves. I need to move the items out of the ones in the bedroom to make room for baby. I also want a small vanity to get rid of the big dresser.

      6. That’s not bad at all! Hopefully you can find some inexpensive furniture! It seems a lot of things like that are about going to the right store at the right time.

      7. Sometimes all you really need is some okay furniture, but if you buy the oil polish it looks so much better once you’ve done that. I really want to refinish mine because my dad has the supplies and can show me how, but it’s a time consuming process.

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