EC Planner Spread #3

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I have another spread for you this week and I’ll do my best to let you in on how I planned out my spread. I just love planning in my Erin Condren planner. I love the way the boxes are organized and that I have enough room for all on my stuff. I even have to add decoration during the week boxes, because I work most of the day and don’t have anything to plan during then. I could see really getting more stuff planned/done during my maternity leave and vacations.


I start by cutting out the stickers that I made that I want to use in my spread like the blogging stickers and the icon stickers. I then plan my week going from Monday through Sunday. I stick my stickers and write what I need as I go along. I used the side bar this time for my cleaning schedule, which I really liked. I then add the decorative washi on the top at the end. Planning for me is very simple. I just know what I want to do as I go along and I figure out the rest as I go.

With Love,



23 thoughts on “EC Planner Spread #3”

  1. I really like seeing how you’ve been doing up your planner every week. And I really do like the vertical design of the Erin condren. It’s one of the things that set them apart from other planners.

    1. I love decorating my planner every week. It takes an hour to two because I cut out the stickers right then and there that I want to use. I don’t always do everything in my planner, but I really do try to finish everything. I like planning my cleaning. I actually get it all done, even if I just wait until Saturday and do two to three hours worth spread over the course of the day. I’m blogging very little this week since most of my posts are already planned.

      1. Yes, like I am doing all of my cleaning today, because I just didn’t have the energy during the week. I’m going to clean the table at 9, then clean the dog cubbard at 10, then the pantry at 11, before talking a lunch break. I’m working on a review for Dreamland and working on unlocking my badges. It sucks that I don’t have an Instagram. I cannot complete most of them. 😦 Do you know if I can get it for my Ipod? Or can you make me an account that I can then log into from my computer? What are you doing this weekend or today rather?

      2. You can side load it to you kindle, which I did. That’s really the only way to get pictures. You could possibly do it on your iPod, but loading the pictures would take a long time and get annoying. I don’t think you can upload pictures from the Internet itself. This website explains how http://www.ubergizmo.com/how-to/kindle-fire-sideload/ I would do it for you but you’re not with me but it’s not difficult. And today I’m visiting my grandparents. It was my grandpas birthday yesterday and Beth’s Thursday so we are having a cake for them.

      3. You don’t need to though, as I don’t have an android. But both the kindle and android do the same for you. I think if you just went on google in your kindle browser and typed Instagram.apk and downloaded it from there, you could install it that way.

      4. Omg!!! Hooray!!! That’s so exciting! I would call you but I don’t have your number but we should try and Skype sometime within the next few days!! Now I can start looking for things while shopping!!

      5. Lol. Yes! We could Skype at 11-1130ish on Saturday. It’s so exciting I saw his penis and everything! He was sucking his thumb and his finger was formed into a gun. You know what I mean? Like forming the gun shape. He’s a cute baby if I do say so myself. We should get together in August. Have you told your parents? I don’t want to give your mom a heart attack. Lol.

      6. That should work! I will inform you beforehand if anything comes up. And how exciting/cute. It will be exciting to see him in person this winter, when he arrives. And I would like to get together. Maybe you could come over here? I don’t know what we would do but we could sit in my little pool. My sister knows and I just told Kelley today. She is very happy for you and is glad to hear that your dad is being supportive. I haven’t told my parents, but I will make sure to do so by the next time we get together. I don’t want to hear anything negative from them and don’t want you to have to hear it either, so they will definitely know before I see you.

      7. Yay! I’m so excited to see you in Skype and in person! Which sister? Tell Kelly, thank you for me. Winter will be here before we know it! I don’t want to give your parents a heart attack and don’t worry, I can handle a few jibs at not being married. I already dealt with them at work. Yes, I want to come over! I’ll eat all your food and complain that your house is too cold. lol

      8. Beth. I think she was surprised, but she is glad that you’re excited about it. I don’t think they would be that shocked, I mean we aren’t teenagers anymore. If my parents made any kind of remarks like that in front of you I would be incredibly angry, but really both of my parents love babies and once they get over the surprise they will probably be very excited to meet yours. And that sounds fine! We always have a lot of food here. Lol.

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