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Motherhood Is Forever

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I got a really great deal on some maternity bras. They were on clearance, plus they were on sale buy two get one free. The bras ended up being 13.94 USD for three of them, which is a fantastic deal! These bras offer so much more support and I encourage anyone who is four months along or more to invest in some good maternity bras. My boobs feels so much better and aren’t as sore. The support is amazing and they are the only bras that I wear now. You are the same size that you were before being pregnant at Motherhood Maternity, so sizing is very easy. I’m a small/medium size. It is their in-between size.


I also signed up for a year of three different magazines for 2.99 USD. They were having a special sale that week, so I am getting Parenting Magazine, Family Circle, and some other baking magazine with recipes in it. Also for purchasing the magazine, I got a free magazine with a bunch of cupcake recipes. I also got two bags full of freebies for having to wait so long in line. I got binkies and diapers and wipes and a ton of coupons! I need to buy a storage bucket for all of my baby things or some furniture to store it all in.


That is my little haul from Motherhood Maternity. I might have a new bed haul in the future. I’m looking at mattress sets that are discounted to 150 USD for a Queen. I will then be looking for a frame at consignment shops for one that I will like. I really want something white or gold to go with my Tiffany Blue walls. Hopefully, I will complete it in August and can show all of you real soon. I will also get a new bedding set and everything. A nice treat to a soon to be mommy!

With Love,



9 thoughts on “Motherhood Is Forever”

  1. If you are getting a bed frame, you should get some of those rectangular plastic crates to slide under them to store baby things, so they’re all in one place and it would be easier to know what you already have.

    1. I like that idea! Hopefully, I will be getting a bed frame in the next month or two. Serena needs to go to the vet for her distemper, physical, and blood test for heart worms, which adds up to about 120 USD. She needs the blood test, because I cannot put her on the pills otherwise since they are prescription. They eat dirt so they need it. lol. In September, Shadow needs her shot and blood test done. That would be around 150 USD. But then, she doesn’t need the 114 USD blood work until a year from now to monitor her disease.

      1. Have you looked into getting vet aid from your state? They do it here in Rhode Island. Basically aid is given to each vets office during the year and is distributed until they run out. It may be worth looking into if you haven’t already.

      2. They already do it for Shadow’s blood work. They give us 36 USD off and they don’t charge us visit fees for just doing blood work or shots. All of Mooky’s medications were approved without seeing the vet. We do get a break, but it is still expensive. The bright side is that Serena and Mooky won’t need to go back for three years, because they both got three year boosters and rabies shots. So, its 300 every three years for both dogs (so 100 a year) and the cat is the pricey one, since she gets blood work once a year at 114, but she got three year shots too, so that really helps with the cost.

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