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Better Than Makeup Brushes?

For The Original Beauty Blender

Beauty blenderbeauty blender

What it is: A latex-free makeup sponge that delivers natural, light coverage.

Key Ingredients: Sponge?

How it feels/looks: The sponge is sot and bouncy. It has an egg shape to fit all contours of the face. I feel like the Beauty Blender is not really worth the money. It sucks up a lot of product (my foundation) and that is with using the Beauty Blender damp. It only really lasts for three months of use.

Why I like it: I loved it within the first three months of using it. It was using up foundations and bb creams that I really didn’t like and it delivered a natural looking finish. The sponge gets dirty fast and the longer you have the sponge, the harder it is to get clean. It seemed to take forever for the water to run clean. The sponge also started to deteriorate on me, which left little bits of sponge on my face. I wouldn’t buy this again. I would rather use disposable sponges and throw them out everyday. I have recently been enjoying my foundation brush from The Body Shop again, so I have been using that and rinsing it out everyday.

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9 thoughts on “Better Than Makeup Brushes?”

    1. It started to do that at the four or five month mark. If you can spend 20 dollars on a sponge every three months, then I would recommend it. I’d rather spend that kind of money or brushes that basically last forever. My brush that I paid 30 USD for is going on 5 years, I believe.

      1. Usually I just use my hands when blending mine and it looks fine? At least with bb/cc cream. Probably shouldn’t blend foundation with your hands. I think my sister has a mini kabuki brush and likes it.

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