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Hummus Never Tasted So Good

For Simply 7 Hummus Chips


What it is: A light snack made with only seven wholesome ingredients with half of the fat of regular potato chips.

Key Ingredients: Chickpea flour, rice, potato starch, cornflour, sea salt, onion powder, and olive oil.

How it looks/smells/tastes: These are seashell shaped with powdery spices on top. These smelled appetizing and tasted incredible. It had so much flavor and I couldn’t help but eat them all. I don’t think it tastes like hummus though.

Why I like it: These were much tastier than the other chips and I really quite enjoyed the texture and flavor of these. I could see buying these for myself just because I like them. I like that I’m putting good nutrition into my body instead of fattening potato chips (still enjoy those once in a while). Most of the time, I eat salsa and corn chips, so this is a nice alternative for a tasty, healthy, mess-free snack for on the go. I always get hungry in the car it seems!

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      2. Ugh! Work was okay. I just have an issue with my fill in supervisor. She basically lied that I’m always on the internet making that the reason why I was denied a promotion. Needless to say, I’m looking to transfer out of my department. You might see a rant post on Sunday.

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