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To Blot Or Not To Blot?

For The Body Shop Mineral Powder Blotting Tissues

Blotting tissuesBlotting tissues-2

What it is: Blotting tissues that soak up shine and excess oil while the fine mineral powder leaves a soft matte finish.

Key Ingredients: mica, titanium dioxide

How it feels/smells/looks: They do not have a scent to them at all. They are papery sheets with a light dusting of powder.

Why I like it: These worked really well at absorbing oil, but I feel like it made my skin a bit dry. I have to use 2-3 sheets every time. I have bought the blue Clearasil ones before and only had to use 1-2 sheets for my whole face. I feel that Clearasil does a better job, even though it is 2-3 USD more and does not contain powder. I think these blotting tissues are aimed at people who have light oil. I need to pick up a pack, because these are really essential for oily skin girls like myself. I will not be repurchasing these. I like the ones at the drugstore better. What is your favorite brand of blotting tissues? Have you tried these?

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1 thought on “To Blot Or Not To Blot?”

  1. I’ve never used them. My face was looking oilier earlier this summer, but doesn’t seem to be a huge problem now. I was just going to buy the target brand because they’re cheapest, but I have no recommendations.

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