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Elixir (Elixir, #1)Elixir by Hilary Duff
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Plot: Clea is the daughter of a surgeon and a politican. Her whole life changes when her father disappears, while on a humanitarian mission. Clea soon finds out that wasn’t the reason why her father went there. Her soul has been reincarnated multiple times and she keeps on falling in love with the same man, only to die a tragic death. She must race against time to unravel her sordid past in order to have a future.

Key Characters: Clea is the main character of the story and the book is told through her perspective. I really loved Clea’s character. I found her genuine and you can really see her grow throughout the book. You can see how smart she is and how stupid love can make a girl. I connected with her and I found myself very intrigued with her past.

Ben is a sweet character that you instantly trust and love. I don’t know where the next book will take up, but I hope that Duff didn’t turn his character into something more sinister. I would hate to find out that he was the reason why she died every time in her past lives.

Sage is an interesting character. I was both intrigued and repulsed by his character. I still feel like he is a mystery and many questions about him are left unanswered. Hopefully, the next book will reveal more about Sage and who he truly is.

Likes: I like how complicated the love triangle is in this story. You never really know exactly what is going on or who to trust. I have a funny feeling that Ben’s character is not all that sweet and innocent. It would be a welcome twist to the story, but I would still be heartbroken about it. I feel like the romance wasn’t rushed between Clea and Sage, because she has been falling in love with him in her dreams for weeks before actually seeing him in person. It isn’t an instant connection, but one that has been brewing for centuries.

Dislikes: I found Rayna to be extremely annoying. I didn’t like her one bit, but she did make things interesting. I didn’t see her as a romantic, but more of a man conqueror. She seemed to be more interested in getting laid than finding her soulmate. I didn’t like that about halfway through the book, it stopped being about finding Clea’s dad. It switched to being all about Clea and Sage’s relationship. The book ends with Clea pinning after Sage. You would think that she would still have strong feelings about finding her father, but they disappear once she falls for Sage.

Overall Opinion: I really loved this book, except for the small plot stroke that happened with Clea’s father. I don’t like it when books seem to forget their whole reason for starting in the first place. I wouldn’t have minded so much, if it was resolved and the book moved onto a different plot. I cannot wait to read what happens next and I have my own theories on what will occur. I will be buying the second book next year, when I have the funds for it and my library is low. I want to read a good portion of the books that I have first, before buying half a dozen at Barnes & Nobles. I am very impressed with this first book by Hilary Duff and I hope to give the next one a higher rating if she stays on point.

4 out of 5 stars

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