Planner Update

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

I took the day off yesterday and just chillaxed. I ate pizza and watched a couple of new movies from the Redbox. Be on the lookout for a Movie Review in October. I am looking forward to blogging every day in October! It should be so much fun. There will be a ton of reviews on products and books. I have an unboxing video and a First Impressions in the works as well for the next couple of weeks. I have two days off next month, which is always exciting. I will be having three pay checks this month as well, so expect some baby hauls and some furniture ones as well. I am enjoying my Sunday and planning some posts for the first week of Octoberfest. This is how my month and next week look. I have been keeping my weekly spread blank, so I can fill them in as the days progress.

Planner 001Planner 002Planner 003Planner 004

How is your October looking?

With Love,



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