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A French Cafe

For Maxwell House International Cafe Cafe Francais

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What it is: A cafe-style beverage mix that is also great as a creamer.

Key Ingredients: nondairy creamer, sugar, instant coffee, natural and artificial, artificial color. 80 mg caffeine.

How it tastes/smells/looks: It looks like a foamy coffeehouse cappuccino. It smells like chocolaty coffee. Maybe the creamer makes it smell chocolaty? I don’t know why they all smell a bit like chocolate to me. This flavor didn’t taste like anything special to me. It just tasted like a plain cappuccino.

Why I like it: I like my specialty coffees to have a bit more flavor to them, but this one is nice if you are in the mood for something elegant but plain in flavor. I prefer Vienna, but that is just me. I don’t use them as creamer, because if I want my specialty coffee, I want to taste its richness to its depths. I personally do not think it really alters the taste if you add it to another coffee. They also recommend using 4 spoonfuls, which is way too much for me. A serving size is 1 1/3 tablespoons. A glass they recommend would be 180 calories. I use about half that and my glass is only 90 calories.

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