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My Free Erin Condren Covers

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Erin Condren was recently having an October/Halloween sale, where if you bought one cover, you got the second cover for free. I had a free cover code expiring at the end of September, so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to get two covers for free and only pay 9.95 USD to ship them. Each of these custom covers retail for 10.95 USD, so I got a steal for the price. They also included a sticker and a post card, which were a nice touch.


The first cover that I bought is a holiday themed one. It was cute and I like the saying on it. I used my first and middle name on the cover. “Selena” is more of a nickname for this blog, sorry to shatter the image. I like the hot pink against the chalkboard background.


I thought that this one would be fun for summer and to incorporate the whole family. I keep everyone’s schedules and appointments, so it is only natural to have a family cover. It will be fun to use during the summer months or whenever I want it to feel like summer. Again, I love the hot pink background. I’ve been really feeling the pink lately.


I might be having a sticker haul later this month from Erin Condren as well, since I do have a coupon for it. I love the interchangeable covers. I can have a cover for every season and mood.

With Love,



11 thoughts on “My Free Erin Condren Covers”

      1. They have a Vera Bradley pattern that’s pretty similar that I was thinking of buying something in, but it really does. This makes me want an Erin condren now, not going to lie.

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