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Chocolate Nesquik

For Nestle Nesquik in Chocolate

My nail look from the past week.
My current nail look for Manicure Monday.

What it is: An infused chocolate drink mix targeted towards children.

Key Ingredients: sugar, cocoa, salt, spice, artificial flavors, vitamins, minerals, soy, milk, wheat

How it smells/tastes/looks: It smells like rich powdered hot chocolate mix and you could probably use it as hot chocolate mix as well, even though it is meant to be a breakfast drink. It looks like regular chocolate milk and tastes like it too. I personally like powdered versus syrup, because I think powdered is less in calories and easier to mix together with cold milk.

Why I like it: I like that it doesn’t take much effort in the morning to make and that it does offer some type of nutrition that regular chocolate milk does not. I would buy a small container of this for me and my future son to share. I wouldn’t drink this all of the time, pregnant or not. It is a nice alternative to breakfast when you are just not up to having anything to eat. This would be better than nothing, that is for sure.

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