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Welcome Back! Delivery Story

Heya Aspiring Gurus!

Welcome to 2016. A new year. A new me. A new member of my family. Say hello to Baby Dean Michael everyone! I am glad to be back after being gone for so long. I had many pregnancy complications and ended up having an emergency Cesarean after pushing for 5 hours. Let me start from the beginning…

My water broke at 1:40 am on December 25th 2015. Yes, on Christmas Day. I arrived at the hospital at 2:30 am and was dilated 4 cm and 100% effaced. At the 8 am check, I had not progressed at all. I had a light breakfast of coffee and a coffee cake muffin. I was supposed to get orange slices, too. It was forgotten. I was hooked up to an IV and Pectin to move along my contractions.

It started getting painful around 4 pm, when I was at 6 cm. This is when I started bouncing on an exercise ball until the anesthesiologist came to do my epidural. The epidural wasn’t that bad going in, but when it came to working? It only worked on the left side of my body. My right side, especially the butt area was in pain from pushing. I was pushing for 5 hours, before they attempted a vacuum assisted delivery, since the baby got stuck before crowning. I had the NICU team in my room, because the baby was coming in face up and had a bowel movement inside of the womb.

The vacuum attempt was unsuccessful and I felt like the chief resident was blaming me for her failure. I was told that most women did not push as hard and gave up easier than me. I pushed in many different positions and did push-ups and pull ups. He would not move closer and you could see the hair on his head. The doctor on call, then tried to hand manipulate the baby and pull him out. He was unsuccessful and decided to perform an emergency Cesarean. I was also spiking a fever, so my body was close to giving out anyways.

Keep in mind that my epidural wasn’t working well, so I was in great pain. I was rushed into the OR and given so many drugs that the anesthesiologist was afraid that I would overdose. I couldn’t feel/move my legs or arms. I felt the scalpel dully on my right side only. I felt the pressure of pulling the baby out of the vaginal canal. He screamed 17 seconds after he was pulled out. He did it by himself, no intervention necessary. My body bounced on the table as they took out the placenta. Two layers of muscle was sown up and my skin was stapled together, 13 staples total, my lucky number. The resident sowing me up stuck herself with a needle and continued to sow me back up. I had to have a second blood test to look for transmitted diseases.

I stayed in the hospital three nights after the delivery. It is a long recovery. I am still recovering, but it was all worth it. Dean Michael was born on December 26th 2015 at 1:47 am weighing 7 lbs and 11 ounces.

I thank God that we both survived. It was touch and go for me for a bit during the surgery. I can finally say that I have had major surgery. I won’t be posting a pick, because I feel uncomfortable sharing pictures of my child over the internet. I will tell you that he has my grey blue eyes though.

It feels good to be back. I will be writing at least one post a week. Thank you for sticking with me through everything.

With Love,


3 thoughts on “Welcome Back! Delivery Story”

  1. The idea of this still makes me dizzy! Lol. Though it still could have been worse, thank God it wasn’t. Though I’m glad you’re feeling like posting a little again. I missed your posts.

    1. I’ve missed it. Truth be told. It took me two hours to do, because Dean woke up to eat and needed a diaper change, but I felt more like myself. I really enjoyed it, so I want to keep doing it.

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