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Beauty Oil

For Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil For The Face

What it is:

This face oil delivers multi-purpose, anti-aging skin benefits.

Key Ingredients:

Vitamin E, cocoa butter, retinol, Vitamin C, Made in the USA and against “animal testing”.

How it feels/smells/looks:

This clear oil is housed in a tinted glass bottle with matching glass dropper. I love that the packaging protects the good for you ingredients in the oil and the ease of use with the dropper. The oil sinks right into the skin immediately, leaving the skin feeling moisturized. It smells like a package of sunflower seeds in the bottle, but does not smell like anything when applied to the skin.

Why I like it:

I love this oil! It helped to clear my acne and keeps my skin balanced. I like that it has anti-aging benefits. It is never too early to start nourishing your skin against aging/wrinkles/fine lines. I will be repurchasing this oil. I couldn’t find it at my local Walmart, but I bought this at Kmart. Next time I’m at Kmart, I will buy it. I love using oils at night to nourish my skin. I don’t have to worry about oily skin.

With Love <3

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