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Summertime Treat

For Starbucks VIA Instant Refreshers in Strawberry Lemonade


What it is:

A naturally flavored instant beverage with green coffee extract.

Key Ingredients:

Cane sugar,white grape juice powder, green coffee bean extract, stevia leaf extract

How it looks/smells/tastes:

The lemonade has a pink hue to it and smells of strawberries. It tastes like a weak strawberry lemonade with some coffee undertones. I am glad that I cannot taste the “lavender”. Floral beverages are gross.

Why I like it:

I like the non-jittery energy boost from this drink. I dilute it in 32 oz of water and ice cubes. I drink it throughout the day at work and i don’t feel the afternoon slump or sluggishness. I enjoy the taste, but I want to try other flavors. After a week of these, I’m bored. I dislike the hibiscus flavor, so hopefully they make these in other flavors.

With Love <3

20 thoughts on “Summertime Treat”

      1. It may help! They also sell a canned version. Like an energy drink, but it still uses the same green coffee bean as its caffeine source. There’s a blueberry flavor that’s really good.

      2. I know stop and shop has the individual cans on sale 4 for $5, which is technically cheaper than a pack from Walmart. I don’t know if you have a stop and shop near you. I don’t usually go there but I noticed it last time I was there.

      3. That is true. How is your week going? I was able to finish up my school assignments yesterday so I can start my weekend early. I had two writing projects this week so I am surprised I finished early.

      4. Wow. Congrats! I saved the day at work yesterday and got a shoutout. Dean’s had a great week. No teething pain except an episode yesterday. I plan on blogging today and going to a consignment store. Also, I need to start using my planner again. I want to buy a new Erin Condren, but the one with time slots instead because I’m mostly time oriented now. If I don’t use my planner now, I can’t excuse a new one.

      5. Well that’s great! What happened? Hopefully a tooth will break through soon for Deans sake. My maternal grandpa is in the hospital, he’s being treated for pneumonia. I’m not really sure what’s going on with that yet, because my grandparents weren’t either when they spoke to my mom yesterday. Hopefully he will go home today. I just bought my planner for 2017, they’re going on sale really early this year. Sometimes I forget to use mine too though. I’ve got to blog this weekend too. I was so busy with work and school assignments this week that I didn’t have any time.

      6. Patty Barker from a different department had a question. I had the answer within 30 min. Told me Nice Try and that it wasn’t it. Two hours later after calling her up to read exactly what I wrote in my email, she goes “Oh…yeah, alright.” She had her answer TWO HOURS AGO and continued to argue that it wasn’t that. Where is your planner from?

      7. She sounds stubborn. Lol. It’s from ban.do. It’s a website that sells stationary and sweatshirts and mugs and things. They had a pre sale if you joined their email list, but I think they go on sale publicly tomorrow. I got the smallest size, it’s basically the size of a journal and is bound together like a hardcover book. I’m hoping I like it more because sometimes the wires hurt my hand because I’m a lefty.

      8. I don’t hate them, but I’m a lefty and it can hurt my hand. I think they’re officially available through their website now, which is bando.com. They’re not too expensive either compared to others. Mine was $20

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