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Birthday & Dean Presents

I recently went over Danielle’s house to spend a few hours and brought my matching accessory Dean with me. Her mom absolutely loves him and Danielle’s grandma bought him some really cute clothes!






Danielle bought me the best present EVER!!! I haven’t even bought myself a birthday present yet and I’m lucky if my dad remembers my birthday, never mind buy me a present or a card. I’m definitely making an order to Sephora this Friday and requesting my birthday gift! I’m saving up my points for that Bareminerals kit! I might buy from MAC as well…We’ll see…well, here’s what D bought me!!!!

I love my authentic Vera Bradley Tote in Katalina Blues! It is similar to my other tote that I got from the Salvation Army awhile back. It can fit a ton of stuff and I can go to work in style with my pump. I love all of the pockets and the flower design. I just love it! I can now purge my old purse and put everything in this one. I feel a what’s in my purse coming on.

I thought the card was sweet and adorable. As I’m typing this Deano is looking on in my lap. He says that he likes the pretty card, too. It was a very nice touch.

I like this MAC wallet type thing. I’m going to use mine for holding my pads and other feminine hygiene on the go products. It’s the perfect size and very stylish.

Face Mask

I am a huge fan of face masks and I really love these cloth kinds. Red Wine?! Sign me up. This is about the only alcohol my skin will be drinking up these days. I love the pink packaging.

This lippie color is pink on me without being too pink. It is the perfect color and it actually shows up on my lips! Which not a lot of light colors do. It’s the prefect neutral pink to go with everything and I feel comfortable wearing it to work. Once I finish off my pot of orange korean gloss that is. A very neutral color for work 🙂 It is such a nice and creamy formula. It is surprisingly not really glossy, just a slight sheen to the lips that dries down matte.

I am hoping to paint my nails sometime soon and this would be the perfect color. It is a nail treatment, so it is a great base or in my case, a great standalone if the color comes out the way I’m hoping it will. If I manage to paint my nails, I’ll have a Manicure Monday up this week or next. I’m hoping I’ll be able to paint my nails. I’ll make a deal with my dad, so I can have the 30 minutes to paint and dry. I’ll clean the bathroom….I think that would be a good trade off and of course, I would clean first. Don’t want to ruin a well deserved manicure!

hand cream

I can always use a good hand cream. I’m almost out of my Victoria Secret’s Body/hand lotion in a mini bottle. This will replace it nicely. My hands really need the moisture now that I clean bottles and the dishes more than I  used to. I do a lot more chores, now that my dad watches my son while I’m at work It’s a worthwhile trade off since I don’t have to worry about childcare. Honestly though, my dad still does most of the house work. It’s tough to work, nourish a child, and get little things done on little sleep.


A nice little perfume sample to round out my present. I love to try high end perfumes.

Thank you so much D! I love everything, but you know that. 🙂

With Love <3

29 thoughts on “Birthday & Dean Presents”

      1. Yay! I think I am going to post a manicure Monday today and a product review tomorrow. I don’t write product reviews as much as I used to and want to get back into doing it.

      2. Yep! I’m writing two reviews today and maybe I’ll write a books and movies that will publish during the week. Dean’s sleeping right now, so I’m getting stuff done.

      3. Yes, hopefully! I’m going to start my May Reads post now. I just finished up my second product review…Maybe, I’ll work on my May Empties post too. It’s just one more day left of May. But I’ll work on that when he’s up. I need the lights on to take pictures. I’m typing in the dark, only illuminated by my glowing screen and the tv behind me.

      4. I think I may have empties today or tomorrow so I’m waiting til June first. I think I used up a decent amount again, which is good. I keep waiting to hit a slump but it hasn’t happened yet!

      5. Hopefully it will be! I just ran out of my full size moisturizer and now I’m using my samples so i imagine I’ll have a couple of those. That bottle of cetaphil lasted almost 2 years!

      6. I have a lot more than I thought, so I’ve set aside three for now to use first. One is called embryolisse lait-creme concentre (it’s from France,) the organic pharmacy double rose rejuvenating face cream, and neutrogena hydro boost gel cream. I’m afraid to count but the samples aren’t huge so they probably won’t last more than a week or two each.

      7. Probably not for a few months at least. Same with face wash. Plus the new target box is available today and i already bought one so I will have more coming….

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