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Chocolate Peppermint

For Starbucks Hot Cocoa in Peppermint


What it is:

A dark, velvety cocoa with the pleasing tingle of peppermint.

Key Ingredients:

Sugar, cocoa, peppermint candy, vanilla powder.

How It Looks/Smells/Tastes:

This was way too dark for my taste. Instead of being velvety, I thought it was powdery tasting. It smells like peppermint bark and in your cup, it looks like dark chocolate with little candy cane pieces floating throughout it.

Why I Like It:

I liked the decorative tin and this was 5 USD for seven servings, which is less expensive than 6 of the VIA packets. I also really wanted to try a Starbucks hot chocolate. The end result was pretty disappointing. I did not enjoy this hot chocolate and I would not buy or recommend it. I do recommend the K cups, especially the caramel hot chocolate. Those were delicious compared to this. I like that the cocoa is sourced ethically, but I did not like this one. It was a struggle to finish it.

With Love <3

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