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Too Faced

For Too Faced Starry-Eyed Liquid Eyeliner in Super Freak

What It Is:

A glitter liquid eyeliner.

Key Ingredients:

Doesn’t say on the tube. 😦

How It Looks/Feels/Applies:

It is a multi-glitter eye liner, but it is mostly pink and purple. It gives an overall hot pink look. It feels cooling going on and is easy to apply in just one stroke. You get a consistent glitter line and can build up the glitter intensity. It is a clear formula. The color comes from the glitter.

Why I Like It:

I love how easy it is to apply and the color payoff. I would definitely buy another one of these, possibly two: a normal color and another glitter one. I bought this for around 15 USD on Amazon. These usually go for 25 USD and I would even buy them at that price, because it lasted me a good few years. It is very rare for me to finish up a makeup product and I really loved this one. I cannot wait to have some spare change to get a couple more. I’m also loving my Elizabeth Arden glitter eyeliner in black.

With Love <3

7 thoughts on “Too Faced”

  1. I remember you excitedly telling me about this a while ago, and now it’s gone. I’ve been thinking of buying some too faced stuff. They have a new palette that just came out. But idk.

    1. The peach pallet looks so good! It’s pricey though. Ill probably buy some Ashley T makeup in July. I need face powder and I’d like a cream highlighter if they have it. Too Faced is good stuff. I’ve only tried that eye liner and mascara but both were really good and things that I will buy again.

      1. I actually caved and bought it. It’s their newest palette. I think it’s called totally cute. It’s 8 shades I think, and a little cheaper than the others at $36 bucks. Also came with stickers! I have a sample of the mascara right now but I’m setting it aside until I empty an old one.

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