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America Runs On…Julamorous Day 1

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Day 1 of Julamorous, where I post everyday in July. I hope I can stick with it. Most of the posts will be scheduled to go up ahead of time, since you never know with a baby. I hope you all enjoy it. Now, to the product review! I’m sorry I don’t have a pic to go with it, so enjoy my nails!

For Dunkin’ Donuts French Vanilla

What It Is:

A K-cup coffee pod that brews drinks to perfection (by manufacturer’s standards).

Key Ingredients:

Coffee. 🙂

How It Looks/Tastes/Smells:

The coffee came out solid black looking and smelling strongly of french vanilla. It tasted a bit burnt/strong with only coffee creamer and 1 equal packet, so I added another equal packet. It vastly improved the flavor. I think the flavored coffees are supposed to be mixed sweeter than how you normally would have your coffee. I like mine a bit bitter.

Why I Like It:

I enjoyed this flavor, but I would much rather use my 1 USD coupon on hazelnut or a dark roast coffee. I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy this flavor. I just prefer non-vanilla flavors. It was a good cup of coffee though. The quality was there and on average, better than what you would get in the store.

With Love <3


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