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Lights, Camera, Lashes *Day 4*

For Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes 4-in-1 Mascara

What It Is:

A 4-in-1 mascara.

Key Ingredients:


How It Looks/Smells/Applies:

It doesn’t stink like some mascaras. It has a scent, but it isn’t nauseating and it is not noticeable when applying. The wand is big with sort, spiky bristles. The mascara is black and the formula is on the drier side, which I prefer. This is also a decent sized sample.

Why I Like It:

I enjoyed getting this from Danielle as well as getting this in my Birchbox, since I really wanted to try it. I’m a mascara junky. I like the drier formula. It is wet without being so wet that it gets everywhere. The mascara really did nothing for my naturally long, thick eye lashes. Oh, you could tell that I was wearing mascara, because my lashes were jet black (they are naturally dark blonde to light brown) and I had little black flecks around my eyes. Yes, this  flaked on me. I wear mascara everyday to tame my unruly lashes. This was an okay everyday mascara. Definitely not a favorite and I wouldn’t repurchase it.

With Love ❤



21 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Lashes *Day 4*”

      1. You should check the kits that Sephora sells. I’d actually just bought a makeup kit from them that was $40. I think it has 8 products, and one of them was a Lancôme mascara, and it’s a full sized tube! Probably a much better value that way. I think it’s called grandiôse and is waterproof. The tube is entirely black, except for a partially clear cap with a flower design. I’m going to save it for later use though.

      2. Well you get 7 extra items for $8, and I think the set values near $100. It’s not something I treat myself to often, though I think I will be starting project pan in August, and not buying anything else.

      3. Me either. I only go in there if I have free travel sized item coupons. I haven’t even been buying the sanitizer because the price went up. It’s 5 for $6 now for the little ones. I’ve just been buying bottles of dial hand sanitizer from Walmart!

      4. Same. I have a couple of figurines. I got an older version of rainbow dash (the blue one with rainbow hair,) from Salvation Army for 29 cents. It was very exciting. Lol.

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