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A Simple Time *Day 6*

For Simple Micellar Cleansing Water

Cleansing Water

What it is:

A perfect blend of multi-vitamins, skin loving ingredients, and gentle cleansers to cleanse the skin while removing makeup.

Key Ingredients:

Water, glycerin, chamomilla flower extract, citric acid.

How It Smells/Feels/Looks:

It really does look and feel like water. It has a slightly acidic smell. It reminded me of apple cider vinegar. It felt cooling on the skin and reminded me of makeup wipes (but applied with a cotton round).

Why I Like It:

I liked the concept of this product. This brand of cleansing water did not work for me though. I felt like my skin was never clean enough while using this product. I use this on my face in the morning in place of soap and water, because I need a quick morning routine and I deep clean my skin every night. I always felt like my skin was still dirty afterwards. It wasn’t a pleasant feeling. I like the wipe version of this product better, but not better than other Equate wipes that I have tried. I’m using the Caudalie Cleansing Water now. I would try another drug store cleansing water.

With Love ❤



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