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Veet & Meet *Day 9*

For Veet Suprem’ Essence Hair Removal Gel Cream


What It Is:

Hair Removal Cream.

Key Ingredients:

N/A [I lost the box]

How It Smells/Feels/Looks:

It has a horrid smell, but not as bad as the scent of fake tanner. I put the fan on in the bathroom and it doesn’t smell as much. Hair color smells worse than this. I’ve been using this product for years on my legs in conjunction with shaving and the smell only ever bothered me if I had stopped using it for a while. You get used to the smell. It is a thick white lotion that has a slick consistency. I smooth on a generous portion on my legs and watch my hairs shrivel and die.

Why I Like It:

The gets the job done and my legs feel so smooth after. I will just sit there and rub my legs admiring their hairless state. Yeah, I can be very weird. I believe that Veet could improve the scent off their products, but otherwise than that, they make a decent product. Nair burned my sensitive skin and made my legs itchy, and achy for days. Veet has never done this to me, even if I shave immediately after to shave what I missed. I always manage to get patches where I miss. Usually in the back of my legs. Veet is a solid brand and so is their product.

With Love,




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