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Secret Action *Day 12*

Secret Invisible Solid Antiperspirant/Deodorant in Paris Romantic Rose 48 HR Odor Protection


What It Is:

An invisible solid deodorant with 48 hour odor protection.

Key Ingredients:

Aluminum zirconium tetrachlorohydrex gly, stearyl alcohol, petrolatum, hydrogenated castor oil, talc, fragrance, paraffin.

How It Feels/Smells/Looks:

It is a solid white deodorant that smells very floral and sweet. It feels smooth on freshly shaved arms, but will ball up on the slightest bit of stubble.

Why I Like It:

I really like the scent of this one, but beyond that this is just an average deodorant for me. I still sweat and soak the underarms of my tee-shirts that cling to that area. I have a sweating problem, but there has to be some kind of deodorant that is better at preventing sweat/perspiration. Does anyone know of any really good deodorants that they swear by? I’m in the market for a new one. I’ve tried the Dove Spray Deodorant and I’m not a real fan of it.

With Love,



7 thoughts on “Secret Action *Day 12*”

  1. I just started using the Avon sweet honesty deodorant. Right now it’s working better than old spice sports plus, which is what I just finished off and you would think should work better?

      1. I did for the first time in ages a few months ago. I now have enough hand cream to last a while so I won’t be buying more. I usually try and wait for free shipping or free shipping with $25.

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