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Bark Back *Day 13*

For BarkThins Dark Chocolate Almond with Sea Salt

Sunshine Voxbox 005

What It Is:

Snack dark chocolate with almonds

Key Ingredients:

Dark chocolate, dry roasted almonds, sea salt

How It Looks/Tastes/Smells:

It looks like normal chocolate bark. It smells like straight up high percentage dark chocolate, speaking of which I would like to know the percentage of dark chocolate in this “snacking chocolate”. Does anyone know? It tastes like one of the best dark chocolates that I have ever eaten. It tastes like dark chocolate, almonds (It has almonds in it, like whole ones.), and a pinch of salt to break up all of the sweet.

Why I Like It:

It is one of the best dark chocolates out there and one little piece was enough to satisfy me for the day. This lasted me more than three servings like they suggest. I would recommend buying the blueberry one or the mint. Both sound very good. Which one would you try out?

With Love,



9 thoughts on “Bark Back *Day 13*”

  1. I’ve tried both the pretzel kind and almond and they’re both so good. I am wondering about the contents of the chocolate itself. It did seem maybe a tad sweeter than regular dark chocolate. Or maybe the quality is higher than Hershey. Idk.

      1. He’s been a good boy. He’s talking/babbling a lot more and says Da-Da-Da a lot to my dad. LOl. Only an occasional ma-ma-ma, usually when he’s upset or tired or cranky or hungry.

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