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Dresser Clean Out *Day 17*

My whole dresser from the inside out was a mess with all of our clothes. I’ve been cleaning out our clothes more often since having Dean. He grows out of clothes so fast, so I need to keep up with purging clothes and consigning them for a little extra money.Dean just turned 7 months, so I wanted to clean out his 3-6 month old clothes that weren’t fitting him anymore. We also entered Summer, so I wanted to put away the heavier items that still fit him like his fleece sleeping sacks. It seemed like a great opportunity to clean out the places that need cleaning like the dresser, his crib, his “corner”, and the walk in closet. I decided to make it a little series. I hope you like it. I might continue this series for other places in my apartment that need cleaning as well.

The first thing I did was clear off the top of the dresser and throw (or place) everything on my bed. I wiped down the top of the dresser with a Clorox wipe and let that dry. Then, I replaced the items that are necessary back on the top like the lamp and T.V.. I threw out the trash and placed games away. The clothes, I kept on the bed to go through and I put back my planner, album supplies, keepsake baby journal, and some clothing items that I placed in a gallon Ziploc bag. I will be buying some storage for under my bed that these things will go in to save for Dean, when he gets older. Lastly, I place back his toys and a few odds and ends. It looks better now, but it will be much improved with the new storage bins.

I took apart Dean’s drawers first and threw everything on the bed. I then, went through his clothes, piece by piece to see what fits him and what could be consigned, donated, and trashed. His top drawer remains the “underwear” drawer with socks, shoes, onsies or undershirts, and t-shirts. The next drawer, I put in his shorts, jeans, overalls, light sweaters, bibs, outfits, pajamas, cloth sleeping sack, and enclosed feet outfits. I ended up with an empty drawer for him, which is great. I know that it will be filled soon, since two people are giving me some more lightly used baby clothes.

I organized my underwear drawer much the same way and had my dad go through his. The last drawer is a junk drawer for my dad to put odds and ends into. I really need a home of my own instead of an apartment. It’s too small with three of us. Nevermind, when guests come over.

With Love <3

11 thoughts on “Dresser Clean Out *Day 17*”

  1. I really need to organize the top of my dresser. Is literal avalanches f clothes and skin care and various other things. It’s great that you were able to empty an entire drawer!!

      1. I just did mine but the top where all bed sheets are stored needs to be redone. Every time I fold everything my mom just starts throwing stuff up there and makes a mess of it. Very annoying as it usually takes 2-3 hours to do. Lol. Also need to do desk and floor under it. Have just been throwing everything under it and it’s a huge mess. Can’t reach my container of dolls.

      2. Lol. Need to get those! Yeah, the closet is a three day job. I worked on it last weekend both days and today I’m just finishing it up. The cat is not allowed in there anymore because her fur collects in there. I had a serious allergic reaction last week where one of my eyes went blood red and my throat went scratchy. I had to use my inhaler and benadryl. I guess I’m really allergic to cat fur/dander. I won’t be getting another cat. That’s the worst reaction I ever got from her. People thought I had pink eye at work.

      3. I think Lou is the same. We have to brush him a lot. Do you brush shadow? I don’t know if that would help though as it would just put a ton of fur directly in front of you.

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