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Sweet Dreams *Day 14*

For OleHenriksen Invigorating Night Treatment

Treatment gel

What It Is:

An overnight resurfacer with twelve sources of AHA complex in a light gel formula.

Key Ingredients:

? The jar contains little information.

How It Smells/Looks/Feels:

It smells very chemically and oddly enough, a little bit like play dough. It looks clear and the gel is very thin but not watery. It feels smooth going on the skin and sinks right in. It feels a little drying, so I always put moisturizer on afterwards.

Why I Like It:

This did the best job of exfoliating my skin and getting rid of my acne. It actually did peel my skin every morning after I used it. I would have repurchased this, but I found something that I like better. I bought Paula’s Choice 8% AHA Gel, which is basically the same thing as this product except I don’t physically peel the next morning. So, I want to stick with the Paula’s Choice product. It is also a more natural choice as well. I do love love this brand, but I found a similar product that is better and cheaper than this one. It is still a great product though.

With Love <3

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