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Secrets Out *Day 23*

For Victoria’s Secret Hydrating Body Lotion in Love Spell

hand cream

What It Is:

A body lotion offering enriching moisture and a sensuous fragrance of cherry blossoms, peach, and white jasmine.

Key Ingredients:

Water, glycerin, petrolatum, cetyl alcohol, cetearyl alcohol, fragrance, aloe leaf juice, apple fruit extract, oat meal extract, grape seed extract, benzly alcohol, methyl paraben, polyparaben.

How It Smells/Feels/Looks:

The scent is nauseating to me. It leaves a sticky feeling on my hands and takes a long time to sink ion. It is a white lotion with no shimmer in it.

Why I Dislike It:

I used this up, because I have about 100 (okay more like 30) body lotions and I don’t like to see anything go to waste. That being said, I did not find this hydrating at all. I used this on my hands during work and I’m not satisfied. It was like putting sticky sunscreen on my hands. My hands were sticky and shiny with no extra hydration. I was glad to use it up just so I wouldn’t have to use it again. I’ll have to dig through my stash for another mini lotion to use at my desk. I’m currently using a foil sample.

With Love <3

27 thoughts on “Secrets Out *Day 23*”

      1. I just finished a lotion up yesterday! A full sized one from bath and body works. Do you find spray lotions work for you? I always feel like im spraying everything except myself.

      2. Lol. I love spray lotions. I just spray close to the skin and then rub in. It’s a little different from spray sunscreen but I like it. I do spray the toilet at times though.

      3. I don’t like spray on sunscreens either! I feel like I’m going to miss something and get burnt. But it is also not fun o get sun screen all over your hands.

      4. I hope so! It’s always nice to go at least once. Dean will probably like it, it’s something different. Though the water was still very cold when I went Monday.

      5. It’s not really, but the weather is really hot so it may feel refreshing instead of icy. I couldn’t stay in for more than 20 minutes, but I’m also usually freezing.

      6. We got caught driving in the middle of it. Lots of branches and even a couple of trees down. Also looks like maybe someone’s tire got struck, it was shredded across the street. No power loss that ok now of. How was your week??

      7. We were up from 11:30 to 2 am. We went to sleep at 9 and were woken up. I didn’t feel safe so we went to the living room where my dad was staying up watching the game. I couldn’t get Dean back down until 2 am. We slept until 7, well Dean slept until 8. 🙂

      8. I didn’t fall asleep until after 5:30 this morning. I couldn’t find Louis and i thought he was outside, so I kept calling for him. He was in the basement….not fun.

      9. I think he went down there and got stuck because we shut the door. But he didn’t cry or anything. He’s been very cuddly today though. I was at home today and he spent a lot of time with me today. He’s been acting very cuddly.

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