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A Great Value

For Great Value Cappuccino French Vanilla

Cappuccino mix

This is a coffee beverage mix. It doesn’t have the typical smell/taste/look of coffee. It looks more like a hot chocolate with a little too much milk in it. It smells like vanilla chocolate with a hint of coffee. It doesn’t have a strong coffee taste at all. It is very much an undertone. Non-coffee drinkers could easily enjoy this, I think. I really like this drink mix. Coffee is way down on the ingredients list, so I feel like I can have two cups of this a day on the weekends. I already repurchased this and still love it just as much. I think I will buy something different next time. Too bad they only make one flavor. I really wish they made more. Walmart has great prices on all of their powdered drink mixes. They are a better price than Market Basket and in larger sizes as well. I highly recommend trying this.

With Love ❤



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