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Smart Stuff Suncreen

I don’t know about you, but all the sunscreens I have every tried do one of three things: has a white cast, makes you greasy, or both! I have found a game changer! A sunscreen that leaves my skin both matte and white cast free. Enter Smart Stuff Sunscreen. This sunscreen is an all natural mineral sunscreen with SPF 30.

Here’s some information from Smart Stuff:

Today, what started as a basic need of two ambitious doctors motivated by the love of their autistic child has evolved into something bigger than they ever could have imagined. We become inattentive to our health needs and neglect proper eating, sleeping, and the knowledge conducive to our well-being that it leaves us to ignore so many other important parts of our life – family and health. SMART STUFF™ products allow you to take the guesswork out of choosing the right product, leaving you free to enhance and protect the moments that matter without compromising safety and health.

I love what this company stands for and that they make it easy for you to feel good about choosing and using their product. I feel totally safe using this sunscreen on my nine month old son who is constantly licking himself besides putting everything in sight in his mouth. I know that he won’t be ingesting nasty chemicals, when he does happen to suck on his foot or fist. I love knowing that his new, sensitive skin is protected naturally. It doesn’t cause any irritation on his skin and even water can irritate his! So, that’s a big thing to me that this product is so gentle.

As you can see the mineral sunscreen is chunky, because it is made with minerals to protect you naturally from the sun. As you may or may not know, mineral sunscreen causes flashback, which is why my hand appears to be white in the bottom picture. I can assure you that this causes no white cast in person and that when photos are taken at a distance, there is no whitening effect in the photos. The “whitening” effect will only appear in close up shots.

I’ve been using this as my go to facial sunscreen, which I use facial sunscreen EVERYDAY not just in the summer. This has been my go to sunscreen, because it doesn’t turn me into a ghost and it isn’t greasy. This leaves a very matte finish that I love for those no makeup days. What’s the best thing about this product? At the beach, you can easily layer on this sunscreen without turning into a greasy mess. No slippery hands during that game of frisbee that some hot guy asked you to and will give you 40 minutes of water resistance protection for when you guys take a swim to cool off. My favorite activity is swimming, so I’m happy to see that it’ll keep me protected Now, all I have to do is to remember not to swim for 90 minutes at a time.

With Love ❤


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