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20 Before 2017

Hey all!

I was inspired, while watching Youtube once again to start a new series on my blog. I have been binge watching a ton of project pans and empties videos. I came across one called 20 Before 2017, where you put aside 20 products that you want to use up before the new year. Once you finish 20 products or the new year comes, you are done whichever comes first. Ashley Elizabeth on Youtube is amazing and so down to earth. With a project pan, you mark where you are at with the product, so you can keep track of your progress. I’m choosing 10 makeup product and 10 of everything else. I’ll be doing a one month update in November, before the finale in 2017. Let’s get into it!

nail strips

I have two sets of 17 nail stickers, so these count as two products. I need to get back into the groove of painting my nails and I’ve had these stickers FOREVER. They need to go.


I want to finish up this Colorpop lipstick that Danielle got for my birthday. It translates to a bright Barbie Doll pink on my lips, which I don’t think looks flattering on my lips. I want to use it up, because I do like the formula.


I have half of this berry dark lipgloss left and I want to use it up while we are in the season of wearing berry shades. I do love this gloss, but it bleeds outside of my lip line. I won’t be sad when it goes.


I think I have about half of this lip treatment left. I use it before I go to bed to moisturize my lips as I sleep. It’s boring and basic. I just want it out of my collection.


I have two-thirds of this left and I just want it gone! It makes my face glittery and shimmery. It looks like shit when I wear this stuff. I can make it work by putting a tinted moisturizer on top and then powder, powder, powder.


I basically ignore my brows, so I want to use this product up. I don’t want it to just sit and go bad. Maybe, if I use this product, I’ll get into eyebrow grooming.


I have had this mascara opened for at least two months and mascara is only good for 6 months. I want to use this up, but it is a wetter formula and flakes a bit under my eyes. Not my favorite. I just want to use this up before the end of the year.

eye shadow

I love this cream eye shadow from BareMinerals. I have this little sample that I want to use up, since I have a full sized one in a color that I like better. This is full. I don’t think I’ve used it all that much. I want to use up some of my makeup and I think finishing up this small cream eye shadow is possible.


I love this Pixi cheek gel, but I’ve had it for years. I need to use it up, which I don’t think will be hard, because I love it. I’ve used about a quarter of it. I find gels so easy to wear and it is never overdone looking. Very natural.


I have a ton of sheet masks to get through, so hopefully this is one of many that I will be using up. I’ll be replacing every item that I use up in my project pan series with another item, so when I use this up, I will replace it with another sheet mask to use up.

I think I have about a fifth of this left and I just want to use it up. I have so many lotions to use up, so you’ll probably keep seeing a lot of lotions in my project pan series in 2017.

I have a ton of face masks that I need to work through. I only have about a third of this container left. It’s a hydrating mask from Fresh and I do like it. It’s not anything really special, though. I wouldn’t purchase it.


I have a ton of detangler samples and a couple of full sized items. This one hasn’t been used and I want to use it up before the end of the year. I am almost done with a primer that I am currently using and I only use this when my hair is damp after a shower. Hopefully, it will be used up.

I love this mask from Lush, but I want to work through my Lush products. They are natural, so they don’t last forever. I have about two thirds of this stuff to go. I plan on using it tonight. I would repurchase this mask. I just have so many masks that I want to enjoy this one before it goes bad.

I have a fifth of this container left and it is old. It needs to get used up. I am going to be saving my black pots, so that I can get my free face mask. I think I have about five uses left in here. I just need to use it up.


I’m about half way done with this. It’s alright as a lotion. It’s very gimmicky.


I’m almost done with this acne treatment. I need to use it up. I didn’t notice any miracles with using this product. I noticed a bigger difference with my Clean & Clear spot treatment lotion.

eye cream

This is my morning eye cream. I am confident that I can use this up. I really love the brightening effect this has on my under eyes. I am considering buying it after I finish it up.


Last but not least, I am half way down with this chemical peel. I don’t like it. I just want to get rid of it, so I’m using it up. I will see you all back here in a month for an update during Thanksgiving!

With Love ❤


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