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A Bubbly Bath

For Pink Champagne Bubble Bath

bubble bath

For being from an off brand company (Groovi Beauty), this bubble bath was surprisingly good. It gave off a good amount of bubbles that lasted for my twenty minute quick baths. The scent disappeared after the tub was filled with water, but I don’t mind that. I always burn a candle when bath scents aren’t strong. Aromatherapy helps me relax and unwind. It also made the bath moisturizing. My skin felt so soft and plump after using this bubble bath. I didn’t bother to moisturize afterward. I received this as part of my birthday gift from Danielle this year. I used up every last drop, because I loved it so much. The best part? I love products that are pink and cute!

With Love ❤


5 thoughts on “A Bubbly Bath”

  1. These are from Ulta actually. They sell them at the front of the store during Christmas. I’ll pick up more if they have them again this year. Also, do you know if you’re available to hang out this weekend as we mentioned a few weeks ago? My mom keeps asking. I don’t know why considering it’s so early in the week.

      1. Ok! I will make sure to have cake prepared! I’ve consumed so much cake and pie this weekend as we made one to celebrate at my moms parents house and my sisters each made a different dessert for my actual birthday. And providence place is a really great mall!! They have a lush. And its pretty big in general. I haven’t been in ages. Only to go to the convention center for graduation, which is right next door.

      2. That will be fun then. We have to go. I need cake. Lol. I think I’m starting my period or at least my body is trying. I feel like crap from all the cramps. I have your bday present. Different from my usual style but I think you’ll like it. 😻

      3. It would make sense, it has been ten months since Dean arrived into the world! I’m getting mine soon. I’ve been having some cramps and got a headache around 2 that’s now turned into a migraine. Fun huh? 😩

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