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Your A Triple Threat

For Kalos Triple Threat Detox Masque

Face mask

This mask was very spicy and I didn’t care much for it. Yes, it cleaned my skin out, but I don’t think it did it better than any other clay mask. It was more of a moisturizing mask, which was nice. It warmed on the skin a bit, but the scent was just unpleasant. I’m happy that I was able to try it out, but I would nit purchase this mask. I would say that this sample gave me six full face masks. I tend to do at least 3 face masks a week: a clearing one, a hydrating one, and a plumping one/anti-aging. I appreciate the fact that it is 99% all natural and 70% organic. I prefer to use natural ingredients on my skin.

With Love ❀


25 thoughts on “Your A Triple Threat”

      1. Yep. LOL. Dean just slept from 1-2 in the bouncer, 2-3 i the crib (after eating), and 3-4 in the bouncer again. He slept for three hours! He’s sitting in the pack and play just watching Paw Patrol and eating his turtle.

      2. That is great! Hooray! Hopefully he will sleep well tonight too. I just finished watching The Craft again because I’m planning on writing about it for school. Now I’m making tea and am planning to finish the book I’m reading. How is your day going?

      3. Good. I’m finishing up my homework, going to have fish and chips for supper, and will watch a Hallmark Christmas movie. I’m want to get some work done on the Shutterfly photo book for Dean, too. I need to just finish my last 10 review questions. I need to dedicate the next 10-15 min to it. I’ll be absent.

      4. LOL. I already started. LOL. I am excited for the Sephora VIB 20% off sale. I’m gonna grab a few things! Super excited. My blog is basically paying for it. I’m gonna put it on credit and then cash the checks I get and put it back into my credit card.

      5. Is that soon? I really don’t need any more things but maybe Christmas presents. I’m planning on starting my shopping this month, doing half now and half in December so it’s not a huge financial strain all at once. Is there anything Dean needs? More clothes in bigger sizes or anything like that?

      6. Nov 11 to the 14, but just realized that I don’t qualify, so I’m just gonna snag my items now before they sell out and I’ll just pay my credit card later when all the checks come in. I’m shopping this month too. On Black Friday and I’ll do it through Ebates. Clothes is a big thing. I need to buy him a lot of that in bigger sizes. I need some 12 month clothes for the winter and spring like pajamas and I need clothes for the Summer and Fall in size 18 months. I think it just goes from 12 to 18. I’d rather have clothes that are a bit big on him than too small. So, probably size 18 spring/summer clothes. Honestly, he lives in onsies, so you cannot go wrong with that. I want to get him books that you can feel the textures of things and blocks and rings. Beginning learner toys to stimulate his mind now that he’s getting older. I’m cutting down tv time. lol.

      7. I will keep my eyes open for all of those things! I did just pick up another Winnie the Pooh book at the Salvation Army yesterday. They had others but I figured you wouldn’t want him reading the little mermaid, lol,

      8. Lol. Not very manly. I just bought him a My First Christmas stocking because TECHNICALLY it IS his first Christmas, even though on Christmas he almost say the world.

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