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Total Flirt

For Victoria’s Secret 2-In-1 Wash & Scrub in Pink Total Flirt


I love the sweet green apple scent of PINK Total Flirt and I would repurchase this scent. I wouldn’t repurchase this wash and scrub though. It was fine, but it wasn’t much of a scrub at all. The little beads tend to stick to my skin and I had a hard time rinsing it off. I would buy a regular shower gel or body wash in this scent though. It did foam up nice. I bought this when Victoria’s Secret was having a buy 1 get 2 free sale. It must have been a clearance sale, since I bought it at the end of the summer. I will be buying more VS stuff on offer. I think I have only one full sized wash & scrub left and a few trial sizes of body wash from Lush. I sense a haul in my near future.

With Love ❤



5 thoughts on “Total Flirt”

      1. That isn’t bad at all. But I think $18 is too much for one product. They’re getting rid of their free underwear coupons too. That’s how I got half my underwear. Lol.

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