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Tree Hut Lover

For Tree Hut Shea Moisturizing Body Lotion

Body Lotion

This is the 2nd lotion that I have used up for my 20 before 2017 products! Only 18 more to go! I love the sweet vacation coconut scent. I used this a lot in college, so it kind of brings me back to that time and working at Kmart. This was very moisturizing and I have a second tube of this in storage, so I won’t repurchase since I already have another bottle and about twenty other lotions. I’m slowly working my way through my stash. This lotion is a thick cream, but sinks in fast. My skin feels velvety smooth after applying and smooth after applying and for 6 to 7 USD, you cannot go wrong. Also, its made in the USA, which is nice to see and support.

With Love ❤



31 thoughts on “Tree Hut Lover”

      1. Same! I have part of yours, and I finished Deans Christmas and birthday presents yesterday. He’s the first person I’ve completed shopping for. I got him 2 outfits and two different toys. One is a shape sorter thing that looks like it can also be used in the tub, and the other are fisher price stacking trucks. I’m just checking with you to make sure he doesn’t have either already, because if he does I’ll exchange them.

      2. Nope! He doesn’t have these. 🙂 I just bought him $300 dollars worth of clothes at Macy’s for $100 dollars. The baby clothes was 60% off and an extra 20% off of clearance plus free shipping! A total of 14 outfits that should fit all of next year sized 18 months is good up to 30 pounds.

      3. No, he’s still in a 12. I just wanted bigger clothes for him to grow into that he could use next year as well. He doesn’t have much size 12. It’s mostly nine months. The nine month t-shirts don’t fit anymore and the pants are a little tight, but the onsies and body suits are still holding up. Hopefully, the 18 months will still fit in the fall next year at the very least. It’s coming in the last week of October/first week of December. I’m excited to wrap them all up. I’ll haul them first though. Lol.

      4. Then the outfits I bought should be okay. I showed everything to my mom and she liked it. Lol. Did your order come with those white gift boxes? They usually give them to you when you shop and it makes wrapping easier. Unless you just use a gift bag.

      5. I just ordered, so I haven’t received anything yet. That would be nice if it came in boxes, but if anything, it’ll probably all be shoved in the same box and I want to separate them all. So he has 14 clothes gifts to open on Christmas.

      6. True. My parents used to (and still will) do that to make it look more full under the tree. I don’t think it should matter anymore since we’re all adults, but it will make a difference to Dean once he is old enough to understand.

      7. I’m sorry, I can’t. I have two more showings to go to on Sat and we are planning on going Christmas tree shopping. My dad really wants to move by Jan or Feb. That’s why so many apartment showings.

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