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Adore Me!

I have been checking out a Victoria’s Secret like site called Adore Me for over a month now. Right now, they have a buy one get one free sale and I am seriously considering purchasing a couple of sleepwear or lounge wear outfits. I need more adultish clothes now that I’m a mama bear. Here’s a sneak peak at Adore Me’s new collection for Fall:


Personally, I would pair a great highlight with this robe. I would add vampy lips to this pj set. This one would look great with a nice smoky eye. This little black outfit would be the one that I would wear a red lip with. Out of all four of these, I’m most likely to pick out the bath robe and the plaid pj pants set. I’m leaning more and more with trying out the VIB membership, which lets you pick out your first set for $19.95 and every set after that is $39.99 which is $10 off of the normal price. After your fifth purchase, your six set is free and you can skip as many months as you want as long as you skip by the 6th in order not to be charged. If you want something that month, let yourself be charged and you have store credit of $39.99 to chose whatever you want. It’s honestly a great subscription service. You can cancel at anytime, so I think that I’ll try them out in December.

What do you think? I have my heart kinda set on that robe. ❤

With Love,




27 thoughts on “Adore Me!”

      1. Maybe slightly higher than a kitten heel, but not like a hooker heel. Somewhere in the middle. Yea, I seem to range anywhere from 7 and a half to 8 and a half. Most of my shoes are 8s. So same size! Lol.

      2. Those incredibly high heels that look like you would break your ankle walking in them. Like where the sole itself is 4-5 inches, so I guess the heel would be 6 or 7. It’s not a practical height.

      3. Sounds good. I love sweet potatoes but my dad doesn’t so we never have them. I can’t remember what we had, honestly, because it’s usually 3 courses. Even if it’s just us my dad goes over the top with Italian appetizers. Lol.

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