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November Reads

I only finished two books this month, but that’s alright with me. I’m just happy to be reading books and being able to finish one with everything that I have on my plate. I was just nominated for a middle level Round Of Applause Award, which is worth $50 at my place of employment. I’ll be getting my Visa Giftcard in the mail, so there will be some kind of haul. Maybe clothes, but I haven’t decided yet. I also have some other work-related exciting news, but I cannot share it yet until it gets announced at my work. I know some of my coworkers read my blog. Let’s get into the post!

Beneath the Glitter (Sophie and Ava London, #1)Beneath the Glitter by Elle Fowler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is one of the best written book by a famous person. Almost on par with Hilary Duff. It’s hard to imagine them actually writing this though. It doesn’t list a ghost writer, but there has to be one, even Hilary Duff was transparent about that one. The book was entertaining and I want to read the sequel to see what happens next. The ending gave away the “who done it” aspect though. If it was supposed to be a cliff hanger, it wasn’t. Other aspects of the book makes me want to read the sequel though. In reality, I find the Fowler sisters lacking recently. Elle makes zero videos and I always found Blair too annoying to watch.
Ready or Not (All-American Girl, #2)Ready or Not by Meg Cabot

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I loved this one as much as the first one. For once, the sequel was just as good as the original. I might even have liked this one better, which is saying a lot. It was the perfect amount of humor and teen angst to make things interesting. Throw in a few surprises and you have a really great book in your hands. I don’t think there is another book after this one, but it makes me want to read another Meg Cabot and even a Sarah Dessen book. There is just something about YA that has me coming back for more. I highly recommend this book and the author. It was quite refreshing and a nice break from reading the Shopaholic books.
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93 thoughts on “November Reads”

      1. I’d more or less forgotten about him until right now honestly. I’m still sad they never made the movie. I could picture chad Michael Murray playing him but he’s too old now.

      2. Maybe the girl from vampire academy? The main lead? Was her name rose? I don’t know. Or Chloe Moretz if she died her hair. Honestly if they made the movie I wouldn’t care who they picked.

      3. No. one final Monday and my other class grades slow because the professor is having some sort of personal crisis and the class is on the back burner. I’m expecting a’s in both though. I’m not worried.

      4. I think it’s probably due to the fact that I feel very confident with my understanding of class materials now. That and it’s open book. Would be way more worried if I had to show up and take a test. I can’t memorize anything like that!

      5. Lol. Now I understand. You are the first to know that I’m………MOVING!!!!!!!!! I will start moving in small stuff next weekend, but I officially start living there on Jan 15th!

      6. Hooray! I’m looking forward to warm weather again, I’ve been cold most of the day. Bleh. Also, are you doing anything the morning of Christmas Eve? I realize you probably are but I’m free until 2 and didn’t know if you wanted to exchange gifts or not.

      7. Hey D, we might have to wait until after I move for us to get together. I’m in the middle of packing up stuff to give away for consignment to a coworker’s daughter who has three kids and is single. She’s worse off than me and needs the money. I’m giving her games, toys, baby toys, books, and baby clothes and mine that I don’t want anymore. I’m also packing up the rest of the apartment and will be moving in most of the small stuff during the last week of December that I took off from work. And moving on the first Saturday of the New Year all of the big stuff with the help of my dad’s friends. The rest of the stuff like food from the fridge and freezer the next day. Then, I’ll be unpacking the rest of the month. I also have people coming over to view the apartment. I’m just really overwhelmed and busy. Hopefully, the week I have off like the 27th- 29th, we could find something that works for you to come over, exchange gifts, talk, have lunch, I’ll probably be packing up stuff too. You might come to the new place to drop off some boxes as well. Christmas Eve will be busy. I have to wrap up presents and prepare food for Christmas dinner the next day. Also, we have midday Church before going back to the midnight mass. Yup, we are finally going to church. WE are church people now. I really want Dean baptized. Let me know after Christmas what you’re plans are, so we can work something out. I don’t go back to work until Jan 2nd.

      8. That’s alrighty! I think I’m free the 27th and 8th during the day. I’m not entirely sure as my friend Megh is back from Ireland, but is going back and January, and I may be seeing her one of those days. I haven’t seen her since last June. But i will let you know when I know for sure. It’s ok if you have to wait til after you move too. Whatever works! You’re going to two masses in one day??

      9. Yes! Lol. We might not be able to do the midnight one with Dean, so only my dad will be going to that one. I didn’t want to miss out, so we are doing the daytime one too.

      10. Even I think it can be boring and I’ve been going for the last 20 years! Lol. Also, my mom keeps asking what town your moving to. She’s asked me almost every day this week. Lol.

      11. Great. Dean is napping right now. He’s been grazing and playing with his toys. We are making dinner now. He had some donut and cereal this morning. A cookie and a few licks of a pop. Ravioli and cheetos for lunch. He will have some baby food for dinner.

      12. No. He’s getting 100 dollars to spend at story land next year for his birthday present. I’m taking him on birthday trips. Gift shops can be expensive, but 100 will be enough. I doubt he’ll spend it all there. He tends to like one toy at a time. So, I think he’ll only pick one item. He can spend the rest at Wal-Mart or something. Lol. He has his 12 month appointment today!

      13. Lol. I wouldn’t blame you since you don’t have kids. The current trend is funny holiday cards that say things like my kids are cuter than yours good luck next year.

      14. No work today. It’s a floating holiday. I’m trying to get Friday off, so I can have the whole d a y to box up the kitchen, bathroom, and all of the clothes in the bedroom.

      15. Just hoping to. We are paid until Feb 2nd. The landlord will have to give us money back if someone else moves in and it looks like someone paid to move in on Monday, but we are still paid for the whole of Jan. We expect at least two weeks back plus our security deposit.

      16. We are splitting the thousand in half that we are supposed to get. I’m using mine to pay off a credit card and my dad is buying some type of devise for the car to boost horsepower. I’ll have about 50 to 100 leftover to play with. I’m thinking about getting a perm.

      17. That can take a long time. I don’t have the patience to heat style, plus it can be damaging if done frequently enough. I’ve been considering one of those ceramic heated hair brushes, even though I know it won’t work as well as a straightener.

      18. She’s not really eating and she’s anti-social. Sleeps a lot. I can tell that she’s hurting and the vet said it was her time to go. Not looking forward to it tomorrow morning and my dad won’t watch her diem it’ll just be me and her and the tech. Then I’ll be busy packing and moving all day. Won’t h a ‘ve time to cry. Lol.

      19. Well, it happened this morning and I’m still getting rid of her things. I still hear her purr. I’m hearing phantom noises. I think it’s just part of mourning her along with random crying.

      20. I’m so sorry, I know how much you loved her. Are you not keeping any of her stuff? It’s hard to lose a pet. When we lost our dogs in the past it always takes a while to get used to them not being there because you just expect it. Right now Joanna has Ellie at her apartment and i heard whining noises almost a month after she left. It’s just stopping now. Lol.

      21. No, I’m giving her cat tree away. No point in keeping it. Giving her food away. Threw her pills away, litter box, and food dish. I’m keeping the two ornaments with her paw prints on them and her favorite light up ball toy. I’m getting a nice imprint of her paw print laminated and mailed to my new address. It’s a free thing they offered. I’m no getting her ashes back. That would be too hard for me to have to scatter them a n d where would I? Her favorite place was me. She’s having a group cremation and ashes scattered at the pet cemetery. She was in my lap when they did it. I petted her and kissed her. They sedated her then euthanized her. My dad doesn’t want to t talk about it. He’s taking it pretty hard. I think he cried in the car while I was with Shadow. My dad didn’t witness her passing. It ended up being 62 dollars which was 12 dollars less than what they told us. I think because we donated her body to research on her disease. It’s only a body now not her. She’s in heaven at peace and not longer in pain. I still expect her to jump up on the bed when I sit down and the dogs are confused too. I think they are mourning.

      22. Aw 😦 I think group cremations are common for cats. There was no option for a little urn? That is probably the most practical solution though. And at least she isn’t in pain anymore, and you know you did what you could to keep her comfortable as long as possible.

      23. There was an option for ashes back in an urn, but I didn’t want that. Her ashes isn’t going to give me any comfort or happiness. It would just remind me of the day I watched her die. It’s too much. On a different note, I was supposed to move today, but now I cannot because of the storm. We are going to move Sunday and I might have to take Monday off to finish moving.

      24. Oh no 😦 this stupid snow. Hopefully it will end up amounting to nothing. I was supposed to go to this wine tasting thing with Joanna today that she got me as a birthday present. Probably won’t now.

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