Relaunching Youtube Channel

Hey everyone. I am relaunching my YouTube channel and will be doing some videos on YouTube like Project Pans, Pan That Palette 2017, and Empties videos. This is a process that I’m still trying to figure out and it’s fun when I have time to do a video to accompany my blog post. I don’t edit my videos. They are 100% raw and unedited. I hope all of you enjoy seeing my lovely face and hearing my voice. I am authentic and I’m not putting on a show for you guys, I promise. I’m hoping to get into the groove of blogging again and incorporating some YouTube videos into them as well. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.

With Love ❤



24 thoughts on “Relaunching Youtube Channel”

      1. I watched the Secret Life of Pets which Dean fell asleep before the 1st preview the ended. I finished a chapter, reading, taking notes, and doing the workbook so I’m halfway done with the book now. Went shopping at Wal-Mart and Big Y. Low key really.

      2. I watched secret life of pets last weekend! Been doing a ton of reading as well. I read 3 graphic novels and finished little women, which I’d started at the end of December and was nearly 800 pages.

      3. That is a good idea. I will probably do that later today. I think I must have followed back anyone who followed me when I first started. Lots of weird ones. Lol. Did you go into work today? It’s quite bad out here. I was cancelled yesterday.

      4. I called out due to the weather which is protected absence. Work let out early at 12, but only 6 people including the sup showed up for work. Basically the people who lived in webster or close by showed up. My company was stupid.

      5. Joanna had to go in, she left at 11. It took her an hour to get home and she lives about 20 minutes from where she works. Her car doesn’t have four wheel or anything either. It seems most companies don’t want to cancel, which is unfortunate because they shouldn’t want to risk the employees safety. McDonald’s only lets people stay home in states of emergency. Which I get but it’s dangerous.

      6. Definitely. What is any work place without its employees? It makes me sad to see how little some places care for employees. Especially Kelley at mcdonalds. She’s been there 4 years, no benefits, and has never gotten a raise. Any teen could start working there and make the same amount as her. She should be a manager by now. It makes me mad.

      7. It will for sure. Once an analysis job opens up and I get it, I can make anyway from 20 to 22 an hour at the starting position. That’s close to making 150 a day. That’s closer to getting my biweekly check every week. 6 to 8 dollars really makes a difference.

      8. It really will! It would be around an extra 50ish dollars a day, with 5 days being a total of roughly an extra 250! It will definitely be helpful. They say the starting salary for someone with my degree is $30 am hour but I’ll believe it when I see it. Lol

      9. I hope so, but I don’t imagine it being easy to find a job that will actually pay that. It will probably take a while. I guess as long as it eventually happens. Student loans won’t pay themselves.

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