Pan That Palette 2017

Hey guys!

I am starting Pan That Palette a month late, but better late than never right? I am panning the Smashbox Master Class Palette: Lightening Theory. My goal is to hit pan on the top row of matte neutral shadows and to finish up completely four of the cream products.

This palette is so pretty and the quality is on par. The eye shadows are a bit powdery, but offer amazing pigmentation. The creams are really silky, not oily. They have the right amount of slip to them and aren’t waxy at all. I want to use up the green and peach cream correctors and the bronzer and highlight in peach. I am pretty confident that I can achieve my goals of hitting pan on the eye shadows and using up four of the cream products. I just bought this palette, so I just want to get as much use out of it as possible before it goes bad. I want to actually use up my makeup when I buy it. I also want to buy a lot more makeup this year. So, there’s that.

I will be doing monthly updates, so you can expect another post in March with more close ups of the products, so you can really see my progress month by month. Right now, I’ve only used/swatched the colors a few times, so it’s like brand new. I only wear makeup like eye shadow on the weekends/days off from work. The cream products, I should be able to use everyday. Hence, why I only want to hit pan on the shadows and use up the ones that I can get use out of everyday.

With Love ❤



40 thoughts on “Pan That Palette 2017”

    1. It is quite nice. During the work week, Ill just use the correctors and highlighter. On the weekends, I can go all out! Lol. I also found out that I don’t like dark eye shadows on me unless it’s in the crease. Otherwise, it makes my eyes look dead and too dark like I’m hung over or got punched. So I’ve been loving the neutrals with a pop of color.

      1. Yes, probably like 7 inches. Lol. I ended up buying something else that I think I will post about once I have the chance to take pictures. I’m really excited, it’s probably the most expensive thing I’ve ever purchased for myself outside of school supplies, which I don’t count.

      2. It’s a bag. Lol. Kate spade did a collaboration with Disney for miss piggy, and I had my eye on the stuff since it came out in November. Now most of its on sale so I made the splurge. Plus 15% off with an email coupon. I saved probably about 40% off retail. I will probably be using it to carry my things when we hang so you can see it in person.

      3. cool. Can’t wait to see it! Painting my nails today finally. Lol. I’m planning on a Sephora haul but I won’t get my taxes until some time in March because there is a hold on everyone claiming a child this year. So, I might have a combined haul with my birthday present or two hauls a month or two apart or something. I’m using my tax reward to buy skincare and my birthday Ill get some sweet peach stuff.

      4. Yea, but I didn’t want 200 points to go to waste, so I picked one thing. Otherwise I wouldn’t have. I only have 20 points left so no reasons left to buy anything.

      5. Lol. And a new purse. 😘 I’ll be doing a sephora shop in the next up. If you want anything, let me know. If you buy from Lush, let me know. I’d pay you through paypal before you buy. Or ultra. Or color pop. It’ll be cool to let each other know when we are going to buy something that way, if you only want one or a few things, you don’t have to pay the shipping and if we both buy only a couple of things, we could still qualify for free ship or split the ship. It’s something to consider. PayPal is a great tool to pay through electronically. Let me know what you think. The other could just hold onto it until we meet next.

      6. It’s only a no beauty product buy. 😋 that is a good idea! I’m not currently planning on buying anything from lush as I did before Christmas (I literally have a half written haul post from December,) but if there was ever anything you wanted from ulta, let me know. I literally go past the store a couple times a week! I will make sure to mention to you the next time I plan to make any purchases from these stores. I also have amazon prime if there were things you wanted from amazon but didn’t want to pay for shipping.

      7. Kool beans. Lol. 😘 I’ll remember that when I have money to buy that Valentia rose serum that I like. I auto order greenies for the dogs, so I get out of paying shipping for it. The subscription is for every two months.

      8. They are really cheap on Amazon. They do help up to a point, but Serena needs her teeth professionally done. It doesn’t replace brushing their teeth once a day.

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