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For BareMinerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow in Brown

eye shadow

I really enjoyed the formula of this enough to get a full sized one with my Ipsy points for an all over lid color. I think its called Moss. This dries down really quick, so you don’t have a lot of time to blend. I found it easier to blend with my finger than a brush. Once it dries down, it doesn’t crease, but it does fade over the course of the day. I am glad to have finished a sample size of makeup, because makeup is so hard to use up. I highly recommend this product, but will not be repurchasing another full sized one any time soon. I have a lot of makeup to play around with and discover. It seems like it would take a long time to finish the full size.

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23 thoughts on “BareMinerals”

      1. It’s going. I have three chapters left and the test is on March 10th. I’m hoping to get chapter 8 and 9 done or almost done over the weekend and work on the rest of 9 and 10 this week. How is your classes going?

      2. They’re going well. Got a 90 on my first project. The only real grade so far besides participation. It’s a lot of reading and very dense so I’m always exhausted after a day of it. I prefer projects.

      3. i’m starting my work for the week now. i intend to complete one classes worth of work today and at least start the other. one of my classes has a lighter work load this week which i’m glad about because the other class is heavy with this project.

      4. That’s great news! You finished it right? I’m hoping to finish chapter nine notes and the workbook today and finish reading chapter 10. Well start and finish it.

      5. Yea, I submitted it days ago. No grade yet, probably some time this week. Hopefully you will finish it all!! I think I’m just cleaning today. I did some cleaning yesterday in my room but I’d like to do more.

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